kitchen end panel

  1. M

    Appliances too high for worktop, end panels too low

    Ok so our new kitchen is almost fitted but the worktop supplier said there should be a gap between worktop and appliances - not sure why our carpenter didn’t keep the end panels between units as oversize, instead he trimmed them down to line up with them! He actually says he trimmed them to...
  2. M

    Kitchen end panels and worktop replacement

    Hi I'm am looking to replace my kitchen doors, drawers, end panels and kickboards with 18mm birch plywood. What is the best way to remove the end panels particularly where they are situated either side of the oven. I believe they are secured with screws inside the cabinets but I can't imagine...
  3. R

    Kitchen breakfast bar end panel next to fridge?

    Hello all, new here and hoping for some great advice. I will be fitting my new Wren kitchen in a month or so and i have a question about securing the end panel on the breakfast bar. The breakfast bar projects out and has no wall either side, the undercounter integrated fridge is the last item...
  4. janieJones123

    Installing Ikea kitchen - Advice on cover panel for larder

    Hi all, I am looking for confirmation on how to attach a cover panel to the side of a 220cm tall larder cupboard, between a normal height base unit. This image shows that you do run a panel the entire height of the larder cupboard, then the worktop and cupboard door of the base unit finish...
  5. janieJones123

    Affixing end panel between dishwasher and range cooker

    I am installing an Ikea kitchen and am getting one of their custom ceramic worktops installed. I will be having my dishwasher and range cooker side by side, so they told me I need to install a cover panel between the two for additional support for the worktop. However this needs to be...
  6. G

    Laminate flooring at kitchen end panel

    Evening, I fitted the kitchen I now need to fit laminate floor, probably quickstep. The lines of units have end panels and two of them are weight-bearing as appliances will be next to them. How do I fit the laminate up to the panels ideally without using beading? Thanks.