laminate floor

  1. S

    Laminate swelling! help!!

    Hi all, I noticed a small area of what looks like swelling in my 12mm laminate flooring. It seems to be getting worse as the weeks have gone on but to my knowledge there has never been any spillage of liquid in this spot for a prolonged period that could have let moisture seep into the...
  2. wanderlywagon

    How to finish laminate flooring at front door?

    I'm thinking of laying laminate in my hallway but am unsure about how to finish it off at the front door. It's a palladio door and there are little curved bits between the main door and the side panels which makes it a bit more awkward. Any ideas?
  3. J

    Laminate to laminate large height difference rebate

    Hi, I have removed the sliding door between dining room and conservatory, but with the 20mm insulation and underfloor heating mats, there will be approx 30-35mm height difference between the two floors. I want to lay the same laminate through both rooms with as seamless a threshold as possible...
  4. R

    Tile Bar Front to Floor Finish?

    Hi I am building a bar and it will have a tiled finish. The bar will sit on top of a laminate floor. Can somebody suggest how to finish the Tiled bar and the floor where they meet. I know you cant just grout this as the floor movement will crack the grout, how about a silicone sealant or...
  5. L

    How to replace this osb with better wood for laying laminate flooring?

    I have no experience with any DIY project. I am going to lay laminate flooring (10mm) with wood fiber underlay (5mm) on a subfloor which is a suspended floorboard. There is an osb there near the heater. (attached photos) 1) Can I just lay laminate flooring (10mm) on it without replacing it? 2)...
  6. 0

    Laminate flooring in a 1m squared room

    Looking for some tips please, I’m planning to lay laminate in my front lobby, the room is only 1m squared. Would it be best to lay the flooring wide ways or length ways? Or is it just down to personal preference. And also should I be staggering the boards in a room that small? As the boards...
  7. norbellini

    Water resistance laminate flooring

    I am just relaying some laminate floor in the kitchen and wondered if i could help it resist any spillages around the sink area between the tongue and groove eg, pva or silicone It is good quality and says it has some resistance Thanks
  8. M

    Pulling up and reusing laminate flooring

    I have a click lock type laminate floor (bevel loc from B&Q, about 12 years old) that has a few damaged planks. The worst ones are in the middle, of course. I do have a couple of boxes of extra planks but not enough to redo the whole room. Originally the idea of being able to replace planks...
  9. K

    Fitting of Door Architrave/ Trim on Laminate

    Hello, Completely new to this forum and I'm also a S**t DIY'er so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I wonder what is the best method to cover a gap between laminate floor and uPVC door (see photo). I recently had the flooring done but the builder misplaced the trim that was originally...
  10. M

    Laminate flooring/Concrete floor

    Hello all, Just wondering if I could get some advice please. I am planning on laying laminate flooring on a concrete floor. The current floor doesn't seem too bad as far as moisture is concerned. However, as a precaution, I would like to go with some form of underlay with a moisture barrier and...
  11. P

    What type of flooring do i need

    We have lifted up the flooring under our stairs, via 150mm ecotherme covered with 22mm caber deck. We will be using as a washroom with a washing machine sat on top. What would be the best flooring where there may be moister or water if we every get a leak. Had tiles with flexible adhesive on...