1. C

    What kind of latch is this?

    I wanted to change the latch that was sticking on an internal door. The latch is bigger than I expected (case width 40mm) and doesn't look like the usual type of latch I've seen before. Does anyone know what this type is? It seems to have odd measurements as well (approx 83mm case, 62mm...
  2. K

    Nightlatch door lock metal pin?

    Hi all - would really appreciate your advice on this as extensive googling has not helped! A couple of days ago the door wouldn't close behind me (latch sticking out), when I moved the handle this short metal rod fell out of the lower of two holes in the latch itself (picture). The lock seems...
  3. F

    Gate not in line with fence post.

    I have recently moved to a new property and want to install a new latch and bolt to the back garden gate however the fence post is not in line with gate (see pictures). The solution the previous owners came up with is inadequate. I am unable to move the fence post as it used for the gate of the...
  4. J

    Strike plate replacement - help!

    Many years ago I visited my friends expensive 3 story new build. Non of the internal door frames had strike plates, but instead, an open ended mechanical gravity closer (a bit like an exterior gate closer) that dropped down and stopped the standard door catch from rattling. There was a branding...
  5. A

    UPVC multi point lock latch wont spring out fully

    I have KFV single piece multi point lock with 2 hooks, 2 rollers and split spindle. The latch on this mechanism no longer springs out fully and so door wont latch shut. Is it possible to repair just the latch on this mechanism or I'm I going to have to replace the entire piece? The hooks also...
  6. Ouch77

    latch for double gate

    I've built a 6ft double gate for my drive, it's fully clad (pic below, still needs paint). I need to find a suitable catch/latch/lock. ideally I want a self engaging catch/latch to hold the gate shut, with the option to lock/unlock from both the "outside" and "inside". One issue is the...
  7. F

    Window latch/lock?? What is it calledm

    Hi, I moved into a new flat that I'm renting recently and there is a window lock/latch on one of the sliding windows. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what it's called because I want one for the other sliding window as it'll help me lock them while I have the outer window open. I've...
  8. N

    Steel Gate Latch.

    I’m looking for a latch for a metal gate which can be bolted on. I’ve seen one where it acts as a stop and you just flip the latch up and down to open and close the gate. Can’t find them anywhere. The problem I have is in the winter the bolt lines up great but in hot weather the gate drops and...