lime plaster

  1. W

    How to remove Gypsum Plaster from solid brick wall? for internal wall insulation with wood fiber and lime plaster

    Hi We're in the process of adding internal wood fiber insulation to our property, to make the walls breathable again. We removed all the plaster from the walls and are planning to plaster it back with insulating lime plaster to 30-40 mm depth and then wood fiber on top and lime green solo...
  2. L

    Internal lime plaster??

    I’ve just purchased a house and have stripped the wallpaper to find this grainy material. From a quick google search it seems to be lime plaster?? Do you agree? If so how easy is it to remove so I can re-plaster? Thanks
  3. D

    What are these lines on my old plaster (Victorian 1889 Build)

    Good afternoon all, Had to take a week off work a little while ago (that word beginning with C that everyone has had enough of one way or another). Rather than sit there and stew I used the time to remove all the horrible plastic wallpaper in our front room (the previous owners had also...
  4. Fishwalker

    Hallway plasterboard job walls not level

  5. S

    Vinyl paint on lime plaster

    We just bought a house and didn’t realise it had lime plaster on the interior walls. We applied one coat of dulux vinyl paint (2 days ago) before realising. Should we try and strip this off with a chemical stripper or just wait and see what happens? Thank you, Sarah
  6. J

    Confused about what to do with plaster

    I am buying a detached house, circa 1911 to 1926 (not on the 1911 OS map, is on the 1926). Survey identifies empty cavity wall (rather than solid wall) original plaster internally and original lath ceilings. It suggests the exterior render is original, looks ok, however has some loose sounding...
  7. P

    Insulating solid wall

    Hi all, My house dates back to about 1885. Mid terraced, redbrick, lime pointing and plastered inside with lime plaster. When carrying out some renovations I noticed a lot of blown plaster on the internal face of an external upstairs wall. I think that at some stage previous owners had used a...
  8. P

    Removing plaster from solid brick

    Hi All, Large sections of my bedroom wall (external) had blown plaster. I think that it’s a case of many years of non breathable paint and a modern skim coat had basically suffocated the wall. It’s a lime pointed solid wall, with internal lime render. Anyway, I’ve decided to strip it all off...
  9. M

    Lime plaster vs Renderlite on solid brick walls? Is Renderlite breathable enough?

    Hi - does anyone with an old property (solid brick walls, lime mortar, concrete floors) have experience of renderlite? Our major renovation is (finally) underway after burst pipe last March. Had agreed lime plaster for walls, as there were previous damp probs. Exterior wall has impermeable...
  10. N

    Hot country wallpapering problems!?

    It's high summer in the Mediterranean with outside shade temperatures hovering around +35C, and the inside temperature around+30C with 40% humidity. I am trying to wallpaper and am running into problems. The rooms are an old stone farmhouse, solid 800mm thick walls plastered with local lime...
  11. G

    Plastering around old sash window

    Morning all, I removed the architrave around a ~100yr old sash window and a load of plaster came off, which wasn't a surprise. I've removed the lose plaster which has left a gap all around the window between the brick and wood liners / frame. The attached photos show the area above the...
  12. J

    Gypsum plaster issue in 17th C listed building

    Hello all, looking for some advice please on an issue in our property. We have a ground floor bathroom with the internal side of the external wall that had some cracking and damp marks. I have stripped back the gypsum plaster to reveal a mixmash of brickwork, breezeblock and concrete which I...
  13. StephenStephen

    What sand do I mix with lime putty plaster for finish coat?

    I'm about to put the finishing coat of lime and sand on the internal walls, over lime hemp plaster. Can I use standard sharp sand from a builders merchant to mix with the putty? I'm sure the putty supplier will answer this when I go there tomorrow, but I'd prefer to be just a little less...
  14. D

    Do I need to use a lime plaster?

    I have a semi detached 2.5 bedroom house built in the 1890's. The walls are of cavity construction and I believe bricks have been laid with lime mortar. Having removed the wood panelling covering the bottom half of the walls in the smallest first floor bedroom I found the lime plaster underneath...
  15. G

    Repairing lime plaster wall

    Hello. I’ve stripped the wallpaper of my ~100 year old house lounge walls revealing a light grey plaster. It’s in pretty good condition and I plan to fill and paint it. There are however a few areas that require plaster patching back to the brick. I have a few questions: I assume its lime...