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    Key stuck in my lock and will not turn (Avocet ABS Eurocylinder)

    Hi all, My door key is stuck in the lock in the rotated position. I cannot turn the key or pull it out. I have attached a picture. I am wondering if anyone can advise on this? Thanks
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    Optima Compact G3 Tamper Lock

    I have an Optima Compact G3. It was in the house already when we moved in back in 2006. It has worked fine, had to replace the battery about 10 years ago and it worked fine afterwards. A couple of months ago the tamper light came on and then none of the buttons on the keypad work. I...
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    Reillo G40 burner locking out after at least an hour.

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have a customer whose boiler locks out periodically after at least one hour. My initial thought was the oil supply and checked that and the filter, replaced nozzle and oil supply hose. Ran fine, obviously I can't wait for it to not work. Pump pressure was...
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    Baxi system 35/80

    Hi, I have this boiler in a house I just moved into, for the first week boiler was fine, now it doesn't fire up unless its reset about 4 times, pump comes on, fan comes on, gas valve clicks, but only a tiny flame, then goes out, each time I reset it the flame gets larger,, and as I said...
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    Firebird Combi C35 Environmax Lock Out HELP!!

    I have an oil fired Firebird that is c5years old. I have had the Riello Digital Control Box M0535-MPF replaced and solenoid but it keeps Locking Out, flashing Red & Green after reset. My plumber has checked and on the new control box has no power on the Fuel Pump output or solenoid output at any...
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    Greenstar Heatslave II 18/25 won’t re-light

    I ran out of oil last night luckily managed to get 140litres delivered earlier but it is showing the same lock out code even after resetting. I am sure it needs bleeding but after removing the boiler lid I have not got a clue where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Boiler shuts itself after few seconds Biasi Riva Compact he mk2

    Boiler shuts itself after a minute Biasi Riva Compact he mk2 m96a.28sm/c I tried resetting the boiler. The boiler starts when I open the hot water tap/CH. 1. fan starts spinning. 2. Boiler fires Up. 3. pressure gauge flickers and then goes up to 3.5 and drops below 1. 4. The boiler locks...
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    Yorkstar 20 locking out intermittently

    Hello I have a Yorkstar 20 boiler that has been functioning well for many years. Recently it has started locking out intermittently. Sometimes it will run for half a day after resetting. Other times only for a few minutes. Any ideas what to try testing/replacing first? Thanks.
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    Oil boiler lockout - could it be fuel starvation?

    We have a Worcester Bosch Danesmoor 20/25 oil boiler that's quite old but has been OK for the 6 years we have lived here. It has on occasion gone into idle mode which I have sorted by pressing the solenoid. However when I tried to turn on the heating a few weeks ago it just locked out after a...
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    HELP!! I have a Trainco Eurostar WM 50/70 boiler. That fires up ok, then locks out after about 10 - 15 mins. I thought a service was due so I: Replaced the burner jet Replaced the photo -cell Cleaned the baffles Checked the electrode positions But it still locks out after 10- 15...