lockshield valve

  1. T

    All radiators won’t get hot together

    All my downstairs rads come on together but upstairs won’t at all. Then when I turn all of downstairs off at the lockshield valves then I can get each rad upstairs to get hot but then when I turn the lockshield valves of downstairs back on the upstairs rads go cold again, has anybody any...
  2. R

    Replacing lockshield on bathroom heat leak radiator

    Hi all, I need to replace a 3/4" union valve lockshield with a 1/2" on a bathroom heat leak radiator. Usually I bung the header tank, release pressure, and quickly swap the valves over. However, as its an old school heat leak setup I'm unsure if I need to adopt a different approach due to the...
  3. Macca Wacca

    Radiator Removal: Odd Looking Lockshield Valve

    Hi All; I need some guidance on isolating a radiator, for it to be drained and removed for decorating purposes The radiator is very old (installed in 1986) and rusted in places and will undoubtedly need replacing. The radiator has a regular TRV, which will be turned off and water will will be...
  4. learninghowto

    Can't screw backnut to the lockshield valve

    Hello all. I am trying to install a radiator and I am stuck in the last step. So, for whatever reason, I can't tighten the backnut with the olive nut and the lockshield valve. I can't figure out why this is happening. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. A

    Radiator lockshield valve - what type?

    Hi. I need to remove a radiator but just need to check - the lockshield valve seems to have an adjustable cover. It won't come off and has + and - signs on with arrows. If I turn it in the minus direction will that isolate the radiator? (Obviously also turning off the thermostat valve). I...
  6. C

    Balancing a system with lock shield on outlet

    I need some help, having real difficulty balancing my radiators. Got modern slim rads upstairs, columns downstairs. Downstairs the rads are all on the right way. Upstairs, TRVs and lock shields are mostly on the wrong way. I understand they are bidirectional, but when trying to balance the...
  7. P

    Removing lockshield extension tail

    Hi, I have a standard radiator (1/2" female bsp) on which I'm installing a new lockshield/TRV kit. The lockshield is similar to this: What happens if I remove the nut and everything on its left in the pic, and screw the valve directly into the radiator (with PTFE)? This would simplify my...
  8. Small85

    How do I turn this radiator value off?

    Hi, I'm doing some decorating and need to take a radiator off the wall. I've done this a few times before however I've never seen a lockshield value like this one before where the spindle is completely round. Does anyone have any idea how to tackle this? Thanks in advance
  9. BillyWillySilly

    TRV and lockshield...without the TRV?

    I have a bunch of Hive TRVs and am going to buy a few column rads. While on lockdown it appears Screwfix are no longer throwing free TRV and lockshields at people so I need to buy them separately. Quick question, as I have a funky TRV already, will a cheaper lockshield/TRV set from screwfix be...
  10. A

    Lockshield valve not isolating radiator

    Hi, I'm trying to isolate my radiator in order to change a leaking bleed valve. The lockshield valve on the radiator is just spinning and spinning and not shutting off the water. In the photo below, it's the spindle that I have been trying to turn. Is there anything I can do other than...
  11. C

    Lockshield valve

    Towel rail plumbed into ch system is also fitted with electric heating element for summer heating. Need to replace element but cannot close valve to isolate radiator from ch system. Lockshield valve spindle has no square on end for key to engage. Just a round spindle! Valve is connected to...