loft conversion

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    Ideas for boarding eaves of loft conversion.

    We have a loft conversion in our 1930's house and the very bottoms of the eaves have cupboards in them for storage. These are deceptively large but the problem that we have is because the house is so old there is no lining under the tiles, the motor is deteriorating and there is a good amount...
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    Loft conversion over rear extension

    Hi, I would like some advice as I can not seen to find any on time. We have a rear full width extension which goes out on ground level to 4m and 3m on the first floor from the original house. Our neighbours house original is set 3m ahead of ours (both are inline at the front) hence why we were...
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    Bowing ceilings in house I'm thinking of buying

    Looking for some advice on how big a potential problem is on a house I'm thinking of buying. It's a 1930s traditional 3 bed semi which has a converted loft containing an almost full width dormer on the rear of the roof and is split into two rooms. I think the conversion was done in the late...
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    Advice on loft conversion (bedroom)

    Hi all, Before I seek advice from architects etc I just want to know what other would do with the space I have in my loft. I have a hipped root with purlin supports around the three sides of the roof sitting on the party wall and held by also a truss on each side which connects to a vertical...
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    Insulating eaves of existing loft conversion

    Firstly I apologise for the length of the query. I have been reading various forums and have found myself increasingly confused and thought I’d get all the information down in one place. As with all DIY queries my case is subtly different to all the others I have already read about on line! I’m...