loft conversion

  1. T

    Trench foundation at boundary? Cavity wall position

    I’m building a rear extension on my end of terrace bungalow, my Architect has specified a 600mm x 1000mm concrete foundation. At the adjoining boundary to next door we have a concrete post fence, the 150mm of foundation on that side of the 300mm cavity wall will need to go slightly past the...
  2. D

    Justification for steel beam on half brick wall

    We recently started our loft conversion in a terraced house. The contractor followed the plans based on a calculation that was provided by a structural engineer. The work progressed to a level that three steam beams were put in place and by this time we heard back from the council building...
  3. gill0s75

    Loft Conversion Questions

    Hi all, just in the final phases of planning a loft conversion, I am not going to apply for building regs but will be building to the regs, the rationale being there is an extension at our house that wasn't signed off when built (long story) and therefore I will need to get indemnity insurance...
  4. T

    Can you raise the ridge line within 150mm threshold in PD or does it need planning permission?

    I have recently employed a professional loft conversion company to carry out a basic roof light conversion (no dormer or anything). They used a private company who acted as the architect, structural engineer and building regs approved inspector. The SE calcs said a steel ridge beam was...
  5. D

    Internal Cracking

    A house I am looking to buy has the following cracks (see pictures) one is to the side of a lintel and the other vertical crack is just to the left of the window. They are at top of the stair case and above is a further stair case to a converted loft (approx 30 years old). I have had look...
  6. J

    Permitted Development: Side Dormer to a chalet style property

    Dear all, We were hoping to get some advice on the following. We are the owner of a 1930s chalet style property (see attached image), we are intending to build a dormer on the side (at the first floor) to create an additional bedroom and family bath. We have been advised by the builder and...
  7. D

    Insulating Below Ceiling In Loft Conversion

    Made a video of insulating the ceiling below to stop heat rising from the bedrooms below and causing the loft to over heat in the summer and prevent the central heating in the summer sending all the heat to loft from the rooms below and allowing the TRV working at full efficienecy.
  8. B

    Steel beam sticking out of pitched roof

    Good afternoon, We have started loft conversion today. Sadly after builders uncovered the roof they discovered that unlike structural engineer's assumption existing joists are not resting on the wall but are attached to rafters which then take the load to the wall which is much lower. I have...
  9. P

    DIY attic conversion

    Hello all I have a tiny 2 up 2 dawn mid terrace house I want to do a simple attic conversion to add a room. With just a velux window and that's it. Haw hard would this be to carry the work out myself. I want to do this as cheap as possible and want it to be done on the down low if u no what I...
  10. M

    How can I fix overspanning in a dodgy loft conversion?

    We've been advised that the loft conversion in our recently bought property in Birmingham failed it's building inspection due to overspanning of the joists and a lack of double trimmers round the stair opening. We don't really know where to start with putting it right! Is it a big job to take up...
  11. R

    Loft boarding- cross battens 2x4 vs 2x6

    Hi all, I am looking to board up the loft to a good standard ("proper" and all). Everyone recommends - in order to hold the insulation to raise the floor before boarding. And the best way is to do this is to screw cross-battens into the ceiling joists - (2" by 4" timber battens have been...
  12. D

    Loft Conversion Rendering A Dormer Instead of Tiles

    I've got my loft dormer rendered instead of tiled as I think its much better in terms of maintenance, Looks and Sound as the wind does cause vertical tiles to move creating a load sound which is less than idea at night when your trying to sleep and the fact the wind can blow them off when strong...
  13. D

    Cutting ceiling joists for loft conversion

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum. Hope I’m posting this correctly. I need to cut 3 existing ceiling joists for my stairwell for my diy loft conversion. Any idea how to support the existing 3 joists until the new joists and trims are in place? Steels and load bearing ashlar walls will be...
  14. D

    Is this a safe way to support an RSJ?

    We are currently having a hip to gable loft conversion done, and having the steels put in, the builders have built up the side wall with c16 carcassing timber. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I'v checked the plans, which simply state "build up wall", but don't give a spec. I...
  15. D

    Obtuse dormer for loft conversions?

    Im desperate for an extra bedroom to stop 2 teenage girls arguing. The ridge height of my loft is only 2.05m but I’ve just had a chat with an architect who reckons I can fit an obtuse sloping dormer to create some extra headroom. It would still be technically a flat roof as the angle wouldnt be...
  16. B

    Remove load bearing support beams in loft

    I am doing a simple loft transformation for storage. I have two beams in a v formation, which I believe is to be load bearing. If i fix collar ties or purlin joints at the rafters, could i remove the load bearing v formation beams.
  17. S

    Loft dormer in brick or stud?

    Hi, Im end of terrace and considering having a cheek of my new loft dormer in brick rather than stud as I am thinking this improves insulation. Does anyone have a view on how much or whether Im wrong? Thanks Simon
  18. D

    Loft Conversion Dismantle / Rebuild Project

    I've started the long and hard process or demolishing a cowboy loft conversion and building a new loft conversion. my progress so far the builder of the loft that i've taken down is John Slaytor company called avoid. I've managed to salvage 65% of the parts and from the old loft and...
  19. J

    Planning Permission about to run out

    hi there. I have planning permission for a loft extension (needed as it's a flat i.e. not permitted dev rights) and is about to lapse. I've been told I can just start the job a number of ways to keep the planning 'alive' but might need some sort of evidence. I've got structural engineer...
  20. F

    Loft Beam Installation

    I have just installed the following two beams for my loft conversion. 5.1m 203x203x46kg on 100x150x500mm pad stones. Unfortunately these are sticking through the roof slope. I have been told by an architect these can be cut at 45 degrees halfway up the beam without compromising the structural...