loft conversion

  1. I

    Tube heater in loft conversion

    Hello, we are purchasing a house with a dorma loft conversion. It looks to have been done to a high standard and very well insulated. However, the central heating has not been extended into the converted loft. I suspect because the boiler is located in the basement. We don’t want to use as an...
  2. robodelfy

    Do I need fire doors on every room if I have a loft conversion?

    Hi I have a room in the roof loft conversion in a mid terraced house in Bristol. It's all been done to regs about 20 years ago. I am renovating now, and need to change all the internal doors. I have read that if I do this then I may need fire doors as the rules have changed. I'm a bit confused...
  3. Louis1104

    Purlin Position

    Im in a chalet bungalow, there’s currently two bedrooms upstairs but on the side of the bedrooms there’s a fairly large loft space which I’m looking to put in an en-suite bathroom. My only issue is I’m currently facing is the purlin and the supports coming off it. Could the rafters be doubled...
  4. Han80

    Should I bother with my loft?

    Hi all I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice regarding my loft. I live in a 1930s semi-detached with a hip roof and wasn't sure how to describe the truss layout, so I drew a dodgy diagram! The plan is to convert the loft properly at a later date, with a hip-to-gable (if...
  5. T

    roof cross beams in loft space.

    Hi guys I'm boarding out my loft with new supporting floor, I just wondered if anyone knows if there is anything I can do about moving or removing the cross beams in the roof (or find a way to work with them). I had assumed not but just thought I ask in case anyone had any ideas. I can't do a...
  6. S

    50m3 Calcs under permitted development

    Hi, I would appreciate some advice. we are currently in the middle of a 2 story extension which includes extending the original loft space. This has been through planning permission and was granted. we have now decided that whilst the gable wall is down we are going to convert the entire...
  7. S

    ILL advised from the council -> (unintentional) unlawful dormer loft conversion in conservation area

    Hi Everyone, I bought a victorian terraced house in London back in 2018. Keen on doing some upgrades/improvements, I booked a planning application consultation with Croydon Council. In the conversation with the "Senior Planning Officer" I asked questions about "squaring off" the roof doing...
  8. F

    Building regs and insulation loft conversion

    Im in the planning stage of a loft conversion. I cant seem to find the requirements for insulating the party wall. I contacted local building control and they said check part L and ask the insulation supplier. Not very helpful at planning stage! Im after a real life recommendation. What is the...
  9. J

    First Fix plumbing after chipboard installed on loft conversion. Is this the normal?

    My builder wants to install chipboards on the loft conversion to have a solid working platform before plumber first fix. My question is how the plumber will be able to run the pipe through the joist without removing the chipboard? Does not sound ideal for me as the plumber will need to bring...
  10. J

    Gable wall in timber frame and render on external side. Advise on materials to use

    I have to convert my roof from hip to gable and builder advise to make the wall in timber instead of block work as this would be lighter and avoid issue of sticking the insulated plasterboard on the internal side which is very expensive. I came across this detail which was discussed many years...
  11. J

    Loft conversion with hip to gable wall and new dormer. Building reg where to get info

    I`m drawings up some drawings for building reg but struggling to get info on what building regulation accept or advise. I may miss some point but on planning portal they do not specify a single element. is there any guide or something to use a reference point? Thanks
  12. L

    Confused if loft conversion comes under permitted development

    We're close to deciding to go for a dormer loft conversion but as our house is side on and the conversion comes up to the principal elevation were not sure if this under permitted development? One side a large dormer will span the majority of the roof and on the other side a much smaller...
  13. Oceans247

    Which trades are required for a loft conversion + chimney breast removal?

    Hi there, I am doing a loft conversion on a terraced house. Both neighbours have already done loft conversions (unfortunately). I say unfortunately as I believe this just makes my loft conversion slightly more complicated with regards to waterproofing and joining to their structures. Nither...
  14. D

    Supporting loft conversion landing - what would you do?

    Evening folk, I was wondering if you helpful lot could give some suggestions on how to frame the new floor landing of a loft conversion. Basically I'm having a double dormer loft conversion which is set over two levels. They are accessed by a dog leg staircase, the first flight of which...
  15. D

    Loft conversion underslung joists

    Evening chaps, I've just started to DIY a loft conversion of a Victorian terraced property. The existing ceiling joists run from front to back of the property. I plan to undersling new floor joists from a steel beam so that they're 25mm above the existing ceiling. These have been specified by...
  16. JimDogweed

    Best insulation to complete a partially insulated and boarded loft (with some awkward areas)

    Hi. This is my first post here and I was hoping for some advice. I've recently moved in to a new house, built around 1900-1910. It's a terraced house, and we're on the corner. One of the previous owners has done what I would describe as a "partial" loft conversion. It's not a "room" - it has a...
  17. A

    Very Cold Loft Conversion - Freezing cold floor

    Hi, We have recently had a loft conversion completed but since winter began, the loft has been getting colder and colder to the point where it is not liveable. The temperature is getting to around 9°C overnight (sometimes worse). I have opened up a section of the ceiling space along the dormer...
  18. Timmer

    Removal of rafters for (side) loft access?

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  19. W

    Loft flooring

    Hi all I’m looking to board my loft for additional storage purposes only. Currently there are chipboard panels on top of the joists, with loose insulation just rolled out on top of this. Im not sure if there is much insulation between the joists as these boards are difficult to remove. Any...
  20. T

    Loft boards insulation in roof trusses

    Hi there I have an old detached bungalow and want to put a music room in the loft as well as use for storage. The gap between the felt and edge of the trusses is 75mm, can I put kingspan or polystyrene in between the joists to insulate the roof then plasterboard. If so what is the max thickness...