loft extension

  1. C

    Rear dormer - party wall built up in brick or tile hung?

    Hi, Permitted development has been approved for our rear dormer loft plans with a tile hung design on the party wall side. Our architect designed it to sit away from the party wall. During our party wall award process, our neighbour flagged that their preference was for us to build up the...
  2. B

    Condesation in loft space

    I have noticed some condensation in my loft space. Its the far end by the outside wall. It seems to only affect one side of the loft. The roof looks in reasonable condition. My best guess is it is not leaking. There is an old chimney on that side which was capped off inside the loft space...
  3. Richard Saunders

    Boarding and plaster boarding a loft space

    Basically I wonder if anybody could give me any tips on making my loft space into a nice clean usable area. First of all I am not putting in any stairs I am still going to be using the existing loft ladder the space up in the loft is very large indeed I was hoping it would be okay to keep the...