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Boarding and plaster boarding a loft space

Discussion in 'Building' started by Richard Saunders, 18 Aug 2017.

  1. Richard Saunders

    Richard Saunders

    18 Aug 2017
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    Poole, England
    United Kingdom
    Basically I wonder if anybody could give me any tips on making my loft space into a nice clean usable area. First of all I am not putting in any stairs I am still going to be using the existing loft ladder the space up in the loft is very large indeed I was hoping it would be okay to keep the existing floor joists which are effectively ceiling joists for the ceiling below and boarding over with chipboard on the floor and then using 12.5 mm plasterboard on the ceiling and the walls to create effectively one large clean room and then depending on how it looks getting it skimmed and potentially putting in some electrics for lights and sockets etc. Is there anything stopping me from doing this as all I really want to do is to create a dry and clean space up in the loft for extra storage without it being gloomy dark dusty and dirty

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