1. V

    Can I butter the wall up for plasterboard?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and am currently doing my house myself. The problem came when I tried to plasterboard the kitchen, since the walls in kitchen are uneven and some places have lose plaster. I'm trying to avoid using dot and dab just to save some space in my not-that-wide...
  2. D

    Plasterboard Loft Room

    Hi all, I'm in the process of refurbishing my loft conversion which is really dated (no idea when it was built). I've removed the existing plasterboard walls and ceilings, removed the mineral wool insulation (in some areas there was barely any), and stripped it back to the exposed rafters...
  3. R

    30mm gap between plasterboard and ceiling - board up or fill?

    Hello DIYNot board members! I am putting up an extra layer of plasterboard over an existing plasterboard wall, and while leaving 1/2 inch gap between the floor and the new plasterboard arrangement, I'm left with 30mm gap at the top (between the new plasterboard and the ceiling): The purpose...
  4. R

    repairing paperless face of plasterboard?

    So the stringer of my stairs was buried in a wonky plasterboard wall, and I want to put quadrant molding on top of it. I decided to sand back the dot and dabbed wall through the skim and paper face of the plasterboard by 5mm total, then put expanding foam into the gaps by the stringer and...
  5. B

    How to deal with gaps between plasterboard and adjacent finished wall?

    Hello. I'm preparing to do my first proper bit of skimming, which will be onto new plasterboard. I've got a situation in a couple of different places where the adjacent wall has already been plastered, but there are gaps in the corner where the plasterboard meets the finished wall. I'm not sure...
  6. P

    How long before I can dot and dab over a hole filled in with a cement and sand mix, please?

    Hello, I'm wanting to follow some advice given on here (huge thank you to JohnD!) to fill in some deep gaps/holes on a Thermalite wall with a sand and cement mix. After I've filled in the holes, I intend to dot and dab plasterboard across the wall and then skim over it with plaster. Please...
  7. T

    Attaching sink to plasterboard wall. Is this the wrong wall plug?

    Hello. I purchased a new sink online and plan to fit it tomorrow. It will be put on a plasterboard wall, but the fittings it arrived with look wrong. I have attached an image of what it came with, but there were zero instructions included. Is this type of fitting for a masonary wall? If it...
  8. S

    Plasterboard Repair

    Hello I have a plasterboard to repair above a window on the 1st floor Please see photo The plasterboard just ends on the windows. It is not screwed into anything where it touches the window. The plasterboard moves when you on push it by the window About 8 inches before the window and above...
  9. T

    Does dot and dabbing plasterboard onto brick need screws too?

    Hello. I have used dot and dab to put some plasterboard onto a brick wall so I can tile it. Is it possible to tile onto the board without screwing the board into the wall? Does dot and dab hold some decent weight? I'm only putting subway tiles on
  10. R

    How to repair bathroom wall?

    I moved the bathroom door frame which meant I need to build out part of the bathroom wall to be level to the frame. I’m thinking of renovating the bathroom soon - is it worth going ahead and overboarding the existing plasterboard with additional standard 9mm board to bring it flush to the frame...
  11. H

    Insulated plasterboard on an internal wall suffering from condensation

    Hi all. I've read conflicting things about how to do what I'd like to accomplish so thought I'd post my own question as everyone's circumstances are different so here goes. I live in an end-of-terrace circa 1906 property with cavity walls. Both internal and external walls are of red brick...
  12. S


    Hello I have had the artex ceiling removed by an asbestos contractor. See photo Should/ can I remove the lathes on the ceiling in preparation for a plasterboard ceiling. Should I point the walls before plastering
  13. A

    Vaulted Ceiling Insulation and downlights

    I'm hoping someone can shed some clear light on this topic. Theres lots of discussion online but seems to be very much a grey area with no clear answer. We've had approval to build a new ensuite in the master bedroom. Part of the ceiling is sloped/vaulted with no insulation. As part of the...
  14. B

    Repairing random rubble wall after chimney breast removal

    I have recently removed loads of chimney breast from the ground and first floor in my property. On the first floor and in the loft, the breast wasn't tied into the party wall so it was very easy to remove. Downstairs the breast was tied in to the random rubble wall and removing it was a...
  15. bettz1

    Best way to repair gap between sockets

    What would be the best way to repair the gap between a double socket and fuse socket the plaster has fallen out. I'm sure I repaired it before using ronseal ready mixed filler,but the gaps quite large and I had trouble getting the filler to stay in line between the plugs. I've got some...
  16. G

    Plasterboard to solid wall corner join

    Hi All, Re-doing the downstairs toilet, all decorated, ready to fit the toilet, but then a change of plan from the a built in cistern is wanted... I've built the half stud wall, cut the plasterboard to size, but uncertain on the best way to plaster into the corner to make a nice...
  17. S

    Crack Repair Help

    Happy Easter all, I am currently redecorating my bathroom and I am trying to repair a crack in the ceiling. I discovered that the crack was due to the board moving and this was due to the original plasterboarder using a ridiculously small piece of scrap timber to increase the joist width and...
  18. C

    Fireproofing old 96-inch ceiling plasterboards

    Hi, I've just bought a house which has a 1960s bedroom extension above the original 1930s garage. The ceiling panels are standard 9.5mm-thick plasterboard, but there is no fireproofing, which is now required - naturally I want to protect the bedroom above as best as possible. I'm considering...
  19. Moonhead

    Plasterboard, AIB or something else?

    In our early 1900s terrace, the ceiling has come away from the joists (changes in temperature have caused the nails to work loose). I had a board up in the bedroom to see the extent of the damage and to be honest, I'm not completely sure what I'm looking at. I'm slightly worried that this board...
  20. cwhaley

    Skim Coat - Walls meet Ceiling

    I've battened out the walls in my extension and fixed boards to them with 2-3mm gaps. I'm pleased with the finish as they're all solid and level so I'm going to skim the walls. I have skimmed a few areas I dry-lined once (bay window and small storage room) and was happy with the results. I am...