1. S

    Oven trips RCD when turning it off

    I have a Logik oven - probably about 10 years old. If the RCD is on, switch on the wall is on and I switch the oven OFF - it trips the electric. If I switch the oven off at the wall, it doesn’t matter which direction the on/off switch is facing, it doesn’t trip. Any initial thoughts before I...
  2. willowcat

    Confusing ceiling rose - please help!

    I am at my wits end with this light fitting. We’ve been living in this house for 3 months and come across quite a few failed DIY jobs from the previous owners, and unsafe electrics. I’m trying to fit a new light fitting in the kitchen and was surprised to find four wires (not including the...
  3. R

    Electrical rewire?

    Hi, I have just been up into the loft and found a lot of surest up there is this ok? Is it dangerous? If it is a problem how much to fix? thanks in advance!
  4. T

    Is this too much for a rewire? North East England

    I had my last house rewired. It was a 3 bed semi. My new house is a 1 bed cottage. It's 25% smaller than my last one in square meters. The quote to rewire this time is 53% more money than in my last. There are about 3 years difference from having the last one done to receiving this quote. My...
  5. Z

    Bathroom extractor fan broken

    Hi All, Just moved into my first house and the extractor fan in the bathroom looks like its seen better days. I'm afraid to turn it in because of that loose wire. Does this look like something that can be easily fixed or do I need to call out an electrician? Any advice would be much...
  6. B

    Portable Heater, working, but smelling really bad!

    I bought an electric Homebase 2kW 2000W Convector Heater s/h which works great, but ever since I've had it, it absolutely stinks! fusty, smell, (not so much burning) but an awful smell which can give you a headache after a few minutes, thus defeating the object of having a heater on to keep...
  7. G

    5 amp sockets keeps tripping - confused

    Hi, I have two 5amp sockets which are to be used for side lights and controlled by a dimmer on the wall in my living room. I have never used these sockets and bought two lamps and changed these to suitable plugs. On using it trips circuit. I was convinced that it was the lamps. Then I...
  8. J

    Wiring old 2 way double light switch to new 2 way double dimmable switch

    Hi there would love some advice on how to wire old 2 way double light switch to a new double dimmable light switch (one is simply on/off). The old switch is as follows: top row: A 2way = 2 x red wires A 1way = 1 black, 1 blue B comm = yellow bottom row A comm = yellow B 2way = 1...
  9. lxhrn

    Replacing bathroom light with LED downlight

    Replacing an old bathroom light that takes a G10 bulb with one single LED downlight, link below. https://www.screwfix.com/p/luceco-ftype-fixed-fire-rated-led-downlight-white-600lm-6w-220-240v/7046t My current wiring looks like this: Inside of the downlight to be installed: After i...
  10. K

    Mystery grey wire in ceiling rose

    My mum and dad have just had their house rewired by electricians. But after they'd gone dad wanted to replace a ceiling rose with a fancier light fitting. In a move classic for my dad, he took the ceiling rose off without noting down where the wires came from or taking a photo. Normally...
  11. A

    Has anyone fitted a towbar to a 2009 Clio diesel estate?

    ...and if so, what sort of a job was it? Do they have CAN electrical systems that need a special interface box?
  12. F

    Rangemaster 110 DF Front Facia Wiring

    Hi - does anyone by any chance have a photo of the wiring for a Rangemaster 110 front facia panel, particularly the indicator lights and thermostat area (cooker was bought in 2005)? We've had to replace ours today (fire damage) and I think looking at it the wiring isn't right. There should be...
  13. R

    EICR advice and costs... help.

    After a bit of advice please! I should have got on to the new EICR requirements sooner - no excuses although COVID, travel lockdowns etc haven't helped matters. Anyway, I wasn't expecting my report to be quite as bad as it looks: Grateful for any advice on below - looks pretty terrible to me at...
  14. G

    Occupancy sensor that turns on when you are out ?

    Hi, I am the landlord of a flat that is prone to condensation, I invested in a flatmaster piv (positive ventilation that pumps air in) which solved the problem amazingly well. The problem is the tenants disconnect it so it's useless. I'm wondering if there's some kind of switch or sensor that...
  15. DerMitchie

    Cuitting channels into concrete slab for plumbing and electrics

    We are having to cut out channels in our existing kitchen floor slab for a new kitchen island. I will need to place an electric feed for the sockets; cold feed, hot feed and a gas pipe. I will also have to re-do some drainage so will dig out for that and re-cover. So I guess I'm keen on...
  16. B

    Rewiring Fun. Estimating the Age of Electrics

    Hi, I'm about to take leap of faith buying a property which I've not been able to see properly. It has a been extended a couple of times since it was built in 1970 and the current owner has no idea about the history of electrics, no certificates of any kind and doesn't want any visiting...
  17. P

    RCD trips intermitenly

    Hi, We had a new extension build 1.5 years ago and this is where the problem is so new cables etc. We first had the RCD tripping with the light circuits downstairs but then it went away and never happened again. 2-3 months ago we had the RCD trip with the downstairs sockets. I isolated the...
  18. Notsohandymike

    Fuse box tripping after new floor put down

    Put down laminate flooring in two rooms and prior to starting we screwed down a few loose floor boards to secure floor. Now both rooms are all fully completed when the shower is switched on the RCD trips at fuse box. I have clearly a screwed through the shower supply. here’s the question, how...
  19. D

    What's a Reasonable cost of rewire in Bristol?

    Any idea what we should expect to pay (before VAT) on a rewire? Bristol Terraced, 1980 Victorian house 2 Bed Floorboards that are exposed (no carpet) All belongings boxes and moving out to avoid getting in the way/speeding things up No access to roof space in bathroom Kitchen Double sockets...
  20. M

    Bulb melted socket after installing dimmer switch

    Hi all, I have a plain and simple 100w max light fitting in a spare room. I am just about to renovate it to be a nursery so thought it would be a good time to install a dimmer switch. The fitting originally had a 100w bulb which I found hummed a lot. After some googling I found this was not...