1. E

    Seal felt around internal soil stack

    Our internal soil stacks are attached to external vents on our roof and the felt has not been sealed around the pipes. The wind howls through the attic space as there’s plenty of ventilation at the soffits and along the ridge line. See attached photos. Is this a standard / best practice type of...
  2. G

    Loft conversion flitch beams/floor joists

    Hello, hoping someone can help please. I saw on another forum (old thread therefore not getting a response) about the following regarding floor joists in a loft conversion - “I gain 4 inches of head height by using the existing 4 inch floor joists (instead of new 8 inch joists as is the normal...
  3. W

    Loft Insulation Material

    Hi there, We've just moved house and I'm about to sort loft insulation in the property (it's between the joists but not across - and certainly not up to the 270mm we want to aim for). A couple of questions if that's ok: 1. Any suggestions on which type of loft insulation? We are looking at...
  4. B

    Vermiculite in the loft.

    Appreciate this has been discuss before, but looking to see if there is any updated advice. I bought a 1970’s built 3 bed. Before moving in we had some skimming done and I went to install some LV down lights. When I went in to the loft, under the fibreglass there was Vermiculite. I know...
  5. J

    Roof needs reinforcing ?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of buying a property. The RICS surveyor flagged the roof as being problematic: the purlin towards the front of the house seems to have moved by a few cm and is not fully resting on the diagonal support along its length or on the metal support in the party wall. -...
  6. F

    Boarding over for walkway and storage

    Hi, I have a bungalow that uses trusses that have a 6m span which are spaced apart by 0.6m for a total length of about 12m (about 20 trusses). Each truss uses 4 webs/posts in a 'w' formation. Forgive me if this is not the correct terminology. The trusses are made from 72mm x 36mm timber. The...
  7. T

    Loft conversion,

    Hey all. Live in a 1950 council house and trying to get ideas to start a loft conversion. The problem is the chimney is in middle of house, and also king post. I am unsure is the chimney is supporting the Perlins. It a very confusing loft with the chimney in middle with wall slitting both sides...
  8. S

    Insulating garage loft

    Hi Hi wanted to put some new lights up in garage so cut a hole in ceiling and fitted an access hatch thinking I could climb up there however after seeing the timber decided it probably wouldn’t be safe to climb around in there, I managed to fish my cables where i needed so that job was ok. The...
  9. D

    Laying new loft insulation over old

    I've been upgrading my loft insulation. 1950s house. I have joists that are about 130mm deep. In between the joists, there was a thin layer of old glass fibre insulation and what looked like rockwool insulation over that. The insulation varied in depth and was ~75mm deep at best, ie at least...
  10. R

    Loft: Random plasterboard between rafters - why?

    I have come across some random plasterboard in-between a few of our loft rafters. The previous owners had a two-storey extension built 10 years ago with some new roofing that joined onto the existing roof. There is some overlap between new roof felt (beathable) and the old existing felt (the...
  11. R

    Insulating both joists and rafters?

    Given the massive rise in energy bills coming, insulation is going to lead to much bigger savings on energy bills. Yet our loft is low and so I have a rather unusual issue - I can't insulate it to 270mm. I have just a 100mm cavity between the joists in our loft and insufficient height to raise...
  12. Moonhead

    No joist in front of loft hatch?

    I'm currently re-securing the ceiling in our bedroom as it has a bulge above the bed that is disconcerting. I've managed to find the joists either side of the loft hatch but cannot for the life of me find one between them, it's a gap of almost a meter. Any ideas? Is it possible that there are...
  13. B

    My loft has no beams?

    Hi All, Probably got the wording wrong but my newish house has no beams or insulation in the loft which is weird. Is the insulation behind the ply? Do your think I could board this and walk on it? Thanks!
  14. W

    Ventilation ideas for loft

    Hi there. I'm looking for some advice related to an issue with our loft if that's ok. Our house is around 300 years old with the original stone roof (not listed). It has two loft cavities with an exterior wall running through the centre of the house. Since moving in 3 years ago we have done...
  15. M

    Making loft meet fire regs

    Hi We're currently selling our house which we bought 18 years ago. The house has a loft conversion, and when we bought it the survey highlighted that it didn't meet current fire regs since it is open to the stairwell , i.e. stairs go to first floor, and then curl round and go up into the middle...
  16. C

    Serious water damage - looking for source

    Hi all, We're battling serious water damage on the second-floor front wall of our Victorian semi (pic 1). There are no visible issues on the exterior. The previous owners advised that it was caused by an unresolved roof leak. They finally got the front re-roofed but didn't repair the damage...
  17. oursurveysaid

    Insulating Loft Futureproofed for Converting

    Hi. I need to increase my loft insulation but would like to have the loft converted in a couple of years. What would be the most efficient way to do this, reducing waste if it’s converted? It’s currently boarded, which is useful, so I think I’d rather insulate at roof level. Would PIR boards...
  18. E

    Loft humidity in Victorian house

    Hi there, We moved into a Victorian house in the summer, however a few weeks ago when up in the loft I noticed some mold growing on some of the rafters against the roof, and the rafters themselves felt a bit damp to the touch. The roof it fairly new (approx 10 years old), felted and not...
  19. fatmcgav

    Loft wetroom ensuite questions

    Hey there, We're currently in the planning stages of our dormer loft conversion project which will form a new master bedroom and ensuite. Ensuite is looking to be about 1.8m wide by 2.6m long, with the shower running width ways on the external wall. Currently, I'm planning on using an Abacus...
  20. A

    Sealed loft insulation bags

    Hi, Can't seem to locate this product:- ""Knauf Space Blanket" that was on the market at some point Can anyone point to a place where I can buy them or similar? thanks Adam