1. N

    Screwfix no nonsense trade bare plaster paint vs Fortress Trade matt emulsion bare plaster paint

    Hi all I've read loads of people recommending Screwfix no nonsense trade bare plaster paint, and I would like to use it myself. However, it's not in stock anywhere! For the same price you can get Fortress Trade matt emulsion bare plaster paint from Screwfix. Does anyone know if this is a simple...
  2. samiebon1

    Exposed fire place boarding

    Unearthed the original fire place yesterday after it was completely bricked up. Looking for advice on how to board up completely - my current thoughts were: - chimney sweep flue - bung flu with balloon/insulation (cap chimney with vent in due course) - scrub remaining soot/salts - batten the...
  3. R

    Damp showing up in new plaster

    I’m renovating a relatively new (70s) building in Portugal. We have plastered the walls (with a trustworthy tradesman) and over the last 2 months damp patches have started to appear on the party wall shown, which seem to be getting worse since we’ve had cold and wet weather over winter (pic with...
  4. L

    Fixing a damp issue on Chimney Breast

    I have posted this on roofing forum so apologies for repost. We have recently purchased a late Victorian end stone terrace property as our first home and are encountering lots of issues which is proving disheartening and costly! We were aware of damp issues in the upstairs bedroom on the...
  5. L

    Long standing damp issue on chimney breast

    We have recently purchased a late Victorian end stone terrace property as our first home and are encountering lots of issues which is proving disheartening and costly! We were aware of damp issues in the upstairs bedroom on the Chimney Breast which is on the top floor (attic is converted). We...
  6. C

    Mouldy wall, old wallpaper, skim or plaster next?!

    Hi everyone, I’m new here. My partner and I recently bought a terraced house, built around the 60s. The old wallpaper in our bedroom wasn’t done to a great standard, and we also struggle with mould which we think is affecting my partners breathing. We had a survey done when we were buying it...
  7. L

    How to rectify this godawful plasterboard bodge?

    Yet another issue to solve in the house that I've bought :LOL: It doesn't look too big in the photo, but this is a pretty large protuding plasterboard bodge that's somehow been fixed into the wall of our lounge. Originally I was seeing if I could smooth over the edges with polyfilla (see the...
  8. finlamit

    Plastering/skim one side of an external corner.

    Hi, Im plaster a wall which finishes on an external corner. Whats the best way of getting a clean edge on the corner side? I was thinking of a stop bead? Then using a very small amount of plaster filler to fill any gaps (If any) between the bead and the other wall. Does anyone have any other...
  9. germanydiy

    Plastering/Skimming Fiber Glass Wall Covering

    Is it possible to plaster/skim over glass-fiber wall covering? The problem is that the glass-fiber wall covering has been cut into by electricians who put in new wiring. So, I now need to patch up the surface somehow. The glass-fiber wall covering was painted with a gloss and is bonded to the...
  10. wtr

    Plastering up to a flush window

    I played around and plastered one wall. I'm happy, see picture. BUT what do I do about this window fitting. As you can see in the other picture I used beads to stop. Now I've got time to go up to window.
  11. nogoodatall

    Laths and plaster wall terrace flat

    Renovating our study in a 1880s Tyneside terrace flat on the first floor. We have come across half brick/ half l&p internal walls multiple times while renovating other rooms in the flat. One (on the first floor) we removed altogether, the other (also first floor) we took out the bricks and...
  12. wtr

    Finishing Internal aerated concrete blocks

    Hello all, I have Internal aerated concrete blocks (aac) that have been painted. I've read And I'm undecided on what I need to do. 1. Do I render? Then skim? (What's difference between plaster) 2. Originally...
  13. goldielocks

    Chalk on plaster

    Can i use white chalk to highlight repaired areas on thistle multifinish plaster without it permanently marking or damaging walls in order to remind me where i patched? I intend to Gardz & emulsion later.
  14. goldielocks

    Plaster repair prep for Gardz before emulsion painting

    Hi Recently fell victim to a cowboy skimmer who used Thistle Multifinish & intend to use Gardz as no doubt there will be PVA through the plaster knowing my luck. Taking no chances hence the Gardz. I will then apply Johnstones black WB matt emulsion. I intend to patch/repair scratches in...
  15. S

    Attic Room Chimney Damp?

    Good evening, I’ve an attic room that’s got the chimneys coming up through it. The top plaster went flaky and started to go yellow. We had a damp company out they investigated and said it was condensation. My wife he attempted to fix the damaged area and it’s just starting cracking and...
  16. R

    Bay windowsill repair

    Hello, I'm looking to repair my bay windowsill so I can repaint it. The columns are fine it's just the windowsill itself that is weathered and cracked. I've attached photos, does anyone have any tips on how to do this? I read some other forums that said to first "First you need to gently strip...
  17. F

    Damp patch at base of wall

    Hi Guys, The property in the photo illustrates a plaster-rendered wall with damp appearing to be rising up it. It was plastered about a year or two ago. Initially, I thought it was possibly just the plaster drying out but quite recently it has now started to show some salts in one place, which...
  18. D

    Fireplace - what options to make it look good?

    Hi all, I wondering what options do I have to make my fireplace look good? The slate tiles are cracked and the back the fireplace seems have a layer of cement ( and cracked) with some tiles on the side. I am happy to keep the brick look inside the fireplace but I am wondering if the bricks are...
  19. F

    How to level floor in old hearth

    Hi all, We have just removed an old electric fireplace from our new home and have had the wall plastered. We ideally want the remaining space to look the same on the floor section. As someone who has no clue about this kind of thing, how would we go about levelling this part and getting it...
  20. S

    New Build Plaster Cracks

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice. I have had some plastering done and lots of tiny cracks have appeared in it, many of which are not on any joins The walls were brand new plasterboard, screwed and glued and taped. It was quite hot when the plastering was done but the room is at the back of the...