1. N

    Plaster absorbing Screed moisture

    Getting an outbuilding built at the moment, permitted development but constructing it to building regs. My builder did drywall and plaster followed by screed, but now I'm worried there's a hidden defect as the plaster has seemingly absorbed moisture from the screed. Should I be worried?
  2. Kburrito

    Best way patching holes in plaster (on indoors brick)?

    Hey everyone, Long story short, I got two big patches of plasterboard ripped out either side of the chimney breqst builders opening. I plan to use Thistle base coat (hardwall) into the large patches. After that I plan to apply multifinish coat. Is that okay? Should I also cover the small...
  3. S

    Priming Old Plaster (poor paint adhesion)

    Hello, Looking for some advice about primer. We have stripped the walls in our 1930s house. The walls are in quite good condition, nice and flat. In one room, we have sanded down, filled any minor dents, painted one coat of basic white emulsion, then our colours on top. The problem is, the...
  4. cwhaley

    Alternatives to Dot and Dab

    Hi all, won't be long before I'm plasterboarding my new extension. I was just looking for a few suggestions on the best alternatives to 'dot n dab'. The boards will be going on new blockwork (typical block/insulation/external brickwork). I don't want to use dot n dab. I know its tried and...
  5. Laura2307

    Mist coat patches

    Hi, I have just done a mist coat on a newly plastered wall. There are patches where the mist coat doesn’t seem to have taken fully. Would this be ok to paint over in 24 hours? Or do I need to put something else on the wall?
  6. A

    Damp patch on new plaster

    Hi all, From the pictures you may be able to see that I had heavily damaged plaster and a damp patch on the right hand side of my wall. After investigation, it was realised that poor guttering had led to water contact with the brick and it had eroded the external brickwork. This was then...
  7. W

    Blown Plaster

    Hi I am trying to decorate a room in our new house which is on the first floor of a 80s double storey extension. I have found a lot of blown Plaster on one wall particularly. The would have been the original external brick wall, I'm guessing is blown because of what it was applied to. There's...
  8. K

    Primer / mist coat came off in patches when removing wallpaper

    Hi, We recently moved into a new house and stripped a bedroom of really thick wallpaper that had also been painted. On taking off the wall paper it has also removed some of the primer / mist coat from the plaster in some quite big patches on two walls (see photos). We want the end finish to...
  9. S

    Mock tudor beams removal

    Hi guys. Wondering if anyone can shed some thoughts on removing mock tudor beams? Surprisingly, there is very little info on this online and where forums threads have started, the responses are overwhelmingly based on 'don't do it! spruce it up!' its got character'. I have had some quotes but...
  10. C

    Wall crack - please help!

    Would be really grateful for any advice on this. So, I moved into a top floor flat in a 1960s flat-roofed block in March. The photos are of a crack in the bedroom. It runs from the window horizontally, along an external wall, then round the corner along the wall with the stairwell. From the...
  11. S

    Help please! Removed drywall paper, to skim coat or use lining paper?

    Hi all, I am a novice DIYer and I would appreciate any help. I attempted to remove very old painted wallpaper which seems to have also removed the (brown) drywall paper with it. Leaving the the exposed gypsum (good condition). How do I go about in fixing this? I was thinking of removing any...
  12. D

    Replacing plasterboard and boarding to existing skim coat and joints

    Hey Everyone, So I have skimmed plasterboard before and can do that pretty well. But I had a partition put up and that was boarded and skimmed. I have had to rip a section out this weekend as I wanted to lay some pipework into the wall. As you can see from the attached picture I just ripped...
  13. J

    Unusual pattern when plaster drying - causes issues when mist coating

    Hi, We recently had our 1930s house replastered throughout and noticed some patches appearing through the mist coat. It’s been 5 weeks since the plastering was complete and appears to be totally dry. When painting the issues seem to be where the plaster has some patterning as the attached...
  14. J

    Patches on mist coat of new plaster

    Hi, We’ve recently bought an older house and have had a full house skim. The fresh plaster has been left for minimum of 4 weeks and appears totally dry. When we’ve started painting a mist coat there appears to be some areas which aren’t covering too well and appear patchy. The mist coat doesn’t...
  15. M

    Prep bathroom walls for painting

    Howdy! Our 6x6foot bathroom is currently tiled up bottom to top all the walls. These tiles are probably 40+ years old and easy to remove. The wall behind is quite smooth with the old plaster in place - not much damage apart from few places with "deeper holes". I'm going to retile around the...
  16. L

    So many popped screws!

    Hi. We've recently had a loft conversion completed and many aspects of it look a bit iffy. This is likely be the first of many posts so please bear with me (sorry!). One thing which really bothers me is all the popped screws. There are over 60 of them that we can see. The conversion includes 3...
  17. D

    Height of mirror light?

    What height would you generally have the 1.5mm tail sticking out of the plaster? What length tail should be ok? What are the considerations.. Thank you, Dain
  18. Fishwalker

    What to do with our lath landing ceiling as having trouble hiring a tradesperson to fix up a new one

    Hi. So some of you may have seen my other posts on our hallway rennovation of our 1920s semi. Well it's been back to brick and laths for a couple of months now and we are not getting anywhere! I had to let our agreed builder go, before he put it back together, as I learnt that it had lime...
  19. S

    Plasterboard protruding

    Door for utility has no archatrave framing and it is flush with the plasterboards one side however not on the other, pic below showing what it looks like, what would be best way to sort this? Maybe sande it to a chamfer or would it be better to cut some of it away so that I can fit some...
  20. E

    How do I remove a resin fire surround?

    Just moved into a new house with a gas fire. The stone on the fire place seems decent but the fire surround is a really cheap looking stone effect resin we think. Does anyone know what our chances are of removing it ourselves without destroying the wall or stone behind? Added pics to help...