1. B


    Hey guys, so we were taking down the plaster in our downstairs bathroom to put a sink as there was some previous damage and we got a bit doubtful about if it’s normal plaster or asbestos cement plaster or some sort. we aren’t experienced at all with what’s asbestos and what’s not but we found...
  2. J

    How to get patches right on plastered plasterboard.Make good help

    I had to open few hole to fish out cable for downlights. How do I make good on the right way?
  3. J

    Does this ceiling look like it contains asbestos?

    Hi, I'm in the process of getting my bathroom re-modelled and bits of the ceiling have dropped off. I have attached a pic of the plasterboard. I have ordered a testing kit but it won't arrive for a few days. My main concern is that due to the age of the house that it might contain asbestos. Is...
  4. L

    Cracks along edge of ceiling and walls

    I'm considering putting in an offer on a house but most rooms have cracked sections around the edge of the ceiling where the plasterboard seems to be pulling away from the walls. The property is a 3 storey terraced built in 2002. A couple of the rooms also have floor to ceiling cracks down the...
  5. J

    Ceiling under new stair curved with batten. Help from where I start

    I have got installed new stair and now need to get ceiling up. I have no idea from where to start with batten. I have attached photos below. Any advise would be appreciated
  6. S

    Plaster finish touch up help

    Hi guys, so I tried my hand at skim coating with gyproc skim Coat (Ireland’s equivalent to thistle multi finish I believe). Large sections are pretty decent. While I’m sure there’s been worse first attempts than this one I do have blemishes and some scruffy spots that I failed to recognise...
  7. Mynameismike

    What is this render?

    Removed shot plaster which was sand/cement. Below it is a piece of wall which was always having issues - paint was always coming off so I thought to remove some of that at the same time and re do with sand cement and finish. However unlike most of the other walls in the house this has a mass of...
  8. S

    Gyproc skim coat over joint compound?

    Someone told me that you can’t actually use the gyproc Skimcoat stuff over top of the gyproc joint compound (multipurpose) because it’s sort of incompatible, something about the skimcoat being a veneer plaster and putting over joint compound is wrong. He said skim the whole surface with joint...
  9. S

    skimcoat vs joint compound? plastering

    Hi all. Please help me clear up confusion from google and youtube. the job is small, finishing a relatively small wall area for an understairs WC but has plenty of inside corners Iv starting the jointing process and taping using joint compound and while i feel the finish is a little rough (im...
  10. T

    Ceiling plaster - what's it made of?

    Hi. I need to replace a section of ceiling plaster damaged by a leak. Before I cut it out just wanted to check it's safe (i.e. no asbestos). Pics attached, hope they're clear enough. Doesn't really look fibrous but darker in colour than other plasterboard materials I've come across and not sure...
  11. A

    Artex covering lathe and plaster ceiling

    This seems to be a subject that has come up so many times. Moving into an 1850s cottage the bathroom ceiling is artex covered lathe and plaster, the ceiling is water damaged from the roof leaking (will be fixed before I start anything) so it has to come down, I also want spots and a ceiling fan...
  12. A

    How do I fix this hole in a plaster wall corner?

    Help would be appreciated - what do I need to do here?
  13. H

    Will this need plastering?

    Apologies for the thickest question of the day ... but if we remove these patio doors what is likely to be left behind ... will it be bare brickwork? And what is the best way to smooth this gap. The wall is the same size on both sides of the door. Cheers!
  14. M

    Yellow stain on re-skimmed ceiling

    Hi had my kitchen ceiling skimmed about 5 weeks ago, over the top of the old ceiling which was just in a bad state. It was boarded originally. Everything has been fine, until yesterday, I noticed a yellow stain in one of the corners. Ironically it’s the corner than dried out first after...
  15. H

    Does this ceiling look like it contains asbestis

    I have a leak in my kitchen ceiling. I am worried if this is asbestos-containing material. I am looking to get a professional to test it but in the mean time I would like to know if I can go in there and make food/drink. These are the pictures: Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.
  16. J

    bonding plastering heating copper pipe into brickwall chased. What would be best practice

    Hi, I have some heating pipe in copper which sit on a vertical chase through my internal brickwall. How would you normally close it dowm? Is there any special product you use to avoid any future crack? I was thinking to use gypsum bonding to fill up the chase on the brick and then some joint...
  17. J

    Confused about what to do with plaster

    I am buying a detached house, circa 1911 to 1926 (not on the 1911 OS map, is on the 1926). Survey identifies empty cavity wall (rather than solid wall) original plaster internally and original lath ceilings. It suggests the exterior render is original, looks ok, however has some loose sounding...
  18. bettz1

    Help fixing Wall

    Hi thought we'd decorate the downstairs toilet and the previous owner had music note pages all stuck on one wall which initially looked nice & unique. After steaming off the pages and removing a mirror he'd put up using no nails and screws the wall's not looking too good. Where do i...
  19. C

    Damp behind tiles, best course of action?

    Hey all, After noticing a damp patch by the skirting board on the landing floor, which is just the other side of the shower wall/bathroom, I realised that there were hairline cracks through the grout in the lower tiles towards the bath. Bummer. I chased the grout out of the tiles at the...
  20. Fishwalker

    Advice on cracks to internal plasterwork in house I'm buying after survey please!

    Hi! I wanted to get some more views (from builders if possible but anyone who knows about property construction), on cracks to internal walls of a house we are hoping to buy. Due to lockdown we've been stalled since having a full building survey done back in Feb. And due to the discovery of...