1. bettz1

    How to deal with a screw pop

    Hi we've a few of these around the house and I think there called screw pops? What's the best way to deal with these,as I'm wondering if I fill over them will they just come back again? Is it worth taking the screw out?
  2. S

    Break out plaster and concrete

    Hello I am uncovering the path of a pipe buried in plasters in a wall and concrete in a floor The pipe is made of lead and transitions to copper What is the best way to break out plaster and concrete without damaging the pipe Thanks
  3. R

    Neatening up underside of winder stairs

    i have a double winder staircase that has its underside plastered around the lower half. Its not done very neatly, where it meets the wall is pretty wavy and random, and the curve is irregular and has grooves all over it. What can I do as a novice? Can easifill help me here? Because thats the...
  4. Moonhead

    Damp patch at top of chimney breast in bedroom

    Hi, Anyone able to help me with this one. There's a damp patch appeared at the top of the chimney breast in the master bedroom of our late 1800s terrace, it was already a bit of a stain but since the weather got cold, it's got moist. I've ripped the paper off and It's very localised and doesnt...
  5. S

    EXTERNAL RENDER BROKEN AWAY - Do I need damp proofing?

    Hi there, Just moved into a new house which is an old terraced house built around late 1800s. There is plenty of work to get done on it not least the front rendering. The previous owners provided an invoice for work carried out in 2015 for damp proofing, pointing rendering the front of the...
  6. W

    Plaster not drying out

    Hi, I am currently refurbing a Victorian terrace. Plasterer skimmed the middle floor bedrooms on 25/11 (now over 6 weeks ago) and it still hasn't fully dried out- see pics. It's a mixture of. External and internal walls which aren't drying. Property is unoccupied while I'm refurbing and the...
  7. G

    Is This Penetrating Damp? What Would You Do?

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced first time buyer. November moved in to the house to find damp plaster on 1st floor bedroom wall (external). Based on the description below and attached pics, what might be likely causes of the damp, and what repairs should I realistically expect? Are there any specific...
  8. cwhaley

    Skim Coat - Walls meet Ceiling

    I've battened out the walls in my extension and fixed boards to them with 2-3mm gaps. I'm pleased with the finish as they're all solid and level so I'm going to skim the walls. I have skimmed a few areas I dry-lined once (bay window and small storage room) and was happy with the results. I am...
  9. T

    Skimming/ filling over scratched and damaged coving

    Hi - I'm renovating my Victorian terrace and have some original coving I am attempting to restore. I've managed to remove the majority / all of the paint but there seems to be small scratches and dents throughout (see pictures attached). Is there any easy way I can smooth these out to get a good...
  10. J

    Lime plaster crumbling away on internal wall

    Hi guys a merry Christmas to everyone! I recently bought a house, it’s 1905, and the photo attached concerns the inside of a built in wardrobe. The wall is a west-facing external wall, and the two holes shown are so loose you can pick them away with just a fingernail, and it goes all the way...
  11. I

    Curved bathroom ceiling and corners

    Hi guys, Please can you help me. I have an issue with the bathroom walls and ajoining ceilings. I'm trying to redecorate and paint seems to be flaking off.... With the curve it's hard to get in there with the paint scraper and sandpaper.... As you can see in the pictures the skimmed plaster...
  12. M

    Plaster around window showing surface water bottom corners

    Hi everyone, I recently had new upvc windows installed around my house. We have an issue in particular with the kitchen window. We notice more when it’s been raining that there is surface water in the bottom corners on the plaster around the window. I wipe it away and it comes back. When...
  13. M

    Plastering before screed/ Plastering over of DPM membrane

    Hi. We are building an extension and laying new floors inside the existing house as well. We are managing the job ourselves, but seems like we are making lots of mistakes, relying on "specialists" trades instead of doing our own research to get the right solutions. I know we got it wrong, so...
  14. A

    Painting on plaster

    Following replastering of my wall I have waited five months for the wall to dry out. This will sound like a crazy amount of time but I have had a slight damp patch where the timber has been historically soaked with water ingress. The exterior brickwork was fixed prior to replastering but it...
  15. Moonhead

    Dry-lining over Woodchip

    Morning all, Quick query regarding dry lining. We have a late 1800s cottage that has suffered all of the worst years of household decorating fashions. Our front bedroom has the dreaded woodchip and, after it took 2 of us 4 solid days (12-14 hour shifts) removing it from the much smaller...
  16. K

    Is it acceptable quality?

    Hi everyone, What’s your opinion regarding quality of painting and plastering on the photos below? Not everything was replastered, only the ceiling on the first photo actually Is the painter responsible to fill and sand everything or not? Is it ok he didn’t paint behind the radiators? In case...
  17. C

    Damp plaster?

    Hi, I had a new bathroom fitted 5 months ago, following a leak that went through the floor into the ceiling below. It was a total refurb, new flooring, new tiles etc. I have some tile, some fresh plaster, this has not been painted yet, as I can't decide on a colour. Every time I run the bath...
  18. R

    Making good plaster around new windows

    Hi, Having a bit of trouble finding a plasterer to make good the area around some new windows I've had fitted. I've had a few quotes and I keep getting told different things. The main thing I'm trying to avoid is huge architrave that covers the whole span of the gap. One person told me there...
  19. J

    Plaster type identification

    Hello, Just stripped the wallpaper in one of the rooms in my 1910s-ish home and am a little stumped by what type of plaster is on the wall. It is white with dark inclusionsamd a rough surface. At first I assumed this was lime plaster. But it is in very good condition and the only...
  20. A

    Plasterboard over doorframes

    Hi all, We are currently week 7 into our garage conversion and the doors and windows have just been installed and plasterboard and plaster now completed by our builders. Whilst we were painting the room, we noticed the plasterboard and plaster actually goes over the door/window frames which I’ve...