1. S

    Plasterboard protruding

    Door for utility has no archatrave framing and it is flush with the plasterboards one side however not on the other, pic below showing what it looks like, what would be best way to sort this? Maybe sande it to a chamfer or would it be better to cut some of it away so that I can fit some...
  2. E

    How do I remove a resin fire surround?

    Just moved into a new house with a gas fire. The stone on the fire place seems decent but the fire surround is a really cheap looking stone effect resin we think. Does anyone know what our chances are of removing it ourselves without destroying the wall or stone behind? Added pics to help...
  3. M

    Wooden wall - original feature plastering problem.

    Hello All. I have a two up two down built circa 1890. I've just stripped the wallpaper from the main bedroom to find something strange. There's a wooden wall behind the door. It looks to be made of floorboards or similar, and judging from the wallpaper that was on it, it's an original, or at...
  4. C

    Which plaster to use before tiling ?

    Our tiler will be tiling two walls in our bathroom in a couple of weeks time over a bath and shower over it. I have removed the old tiles from the walls leaving big areas where the plaster came away leaving brick wall but other areas where it's ok. I've cleaned it up as best I can and bonded...
  5. J

    Plasterboard ceiling with multifinish and mdf stair opening. can I joint them?

    I have to sort out a detail which seem very tricky. I have ceiling with multifinish which stops at the stair opening and then I have the stair opening itslef which need to be wrapped up with MDF to have a strong edge whcih carry over to the above flooring. I would like to have a seamless on...
  6. Fishwalker

    How can we insulate this external facing solid brick hall to landing stair wall?

    So we've had the hall and landing taken back to brick as the original lime plaster had blown and cracked badly in corners or was hole sounding and was coated with a Chrysotile artex skim that was damaged in places. We had a professional asbestos company do this work a few days ago, who fully...
  7. P

    Plastering over glue left by polystyrene tiles

    Hi, Friend had some work done, removed polystyrene tiles then skimmed. This was less than a week ago but the plaster is showing up where the glue had been. Not sure if walls were PVA’d before plaster, what next? Stain blocker? Need to see if the plaster fully dries out. Any help, advice welcome.
  8. S

    Raised patches after paintin primed plaster

    We had the walls skimmed and after priming, they were painted. The priming went well and dried okay There are patches where ridges have appeared after painting - see image, Any ideas what this is?
  9. M

    Grey plaster cracked after steaming wallpaper

    I've been trying to steam off wallpaper in our 1920s semi we've just moved into. In the kitchen there's a small alcove which is like to restore as a pantry but having steamed off the textured wallpaper and revealed a grey plaster underneath I've realised it's been wallpapered over to obviously...
  10. P

    Help with identifying plaster

    CA16928D-7AAD-41E5-856B-3527F00053E9 by pais posted 7 Mar 2021 at 10:28 AMCA16928D-7AAD-41E5-856B-3527F00053E9 by pais posted 7 Mar 2021 at 10:28 AM Nobody seems to know what this is on my old terrace. Any ideas? B72B6D0F-BD6D-4CDE-BCA4-E10ABF5786A4 by pais posted 7 Mar 2021 at 10:28 AM...
  11. B

    Plastering Rooms - Safety Advice

    Hi, We are soon to be having two of our bedrooms re-plastered. I have a young family and don't want to expose them to any 'nasties', i.e. dust, wet plaster fumes as the walls dry out. Is it safe for us all to be in the house while the plastering is taking place? I'm guessing that the best we...
  12. Curtis morrow

    Tiling on plasterboard

    Hi guys New to the site here so I'll get down to it, no trade background but I can fix aircraft, everything I am doing is from learning and just doing but also being safe. I am in the middle of doing the bathroom up, I had to knock back to brick as the plaster came of along with all the...
  13. O

    Wet plaster in bathroom

    Hi, I've recently moved into an old council terraced house. There is a downstairs bathroom that once had a shower in, but was taken out but the previous owners. Near the toilet, there is a hole which seems to contain some piping that appears to lead a few inches out to an exterior wall. On...
  14. I

    What is between brick and plaster?

    Hi all, bought my house a while back and when I moved in there was a damp patch around one of the windows and damaged plaster in the area. The source of the damp has been fixed and windows replaced. The damp has not come back since. Anyway some of the plaster sounded hollow. I pulled it with...
  15. H

    Conflicting information - Filling

    Hello, I’m about to start some light renovation work which includes filling settlement cracks and gaps in a new build and I’m looking for the correct products for the job. I’ve watched quite a few videos and read a few threads but still confused as to which filler is best. I know everyone has...
  16. N

    Plaster, Paint and PVA

    Disclaimer: I'm not good with DIY at all, but lockdown and situations have forced us to do some stuff ourselves that we would normally contract out for. "Should have paid someone" isn't particularly helpful so I'll save your time writing in saying "I know" in advance. We've recently tried to...
  17. Jasmine993

    Should I be worried by my cracked and possibly bulging ceiling?

    Wondering if there’s any one around for some advice over the ceiling, I’m overthinking it and getting paranoid the ceiling is falling in... Living in a private rental, I think built late 80s / early 90s. The house is honestly covered in hairline cracks across every room where the walls meet...
  18. A

    Ceiling - take down or board

    Plasterboard ceiling that has water damage in one place. Better to board over or replace with new board. One section has crumbled away. Attic has the usual fibreglass insulation and this strange stuff between the joists that's like a cross between wool and ground up cardboard. I've had the artex...
  19. N

    Help: Repoint or Render?

    Hi there I wonder if someone here can give me some advice / help on this. In our external wall, the brickwork below the render is in poor condition. You will see in the pictures attached. One side backs onto the garden, the other is sitting below the decking. The first question I have is...
  20. R

    Efflorescence on chimney breast plaster?

    Hi everyone, My 1925 house is having some issues on a chimney breast in our dining room. When we moved in we pulled down the wallpaper in there, including on the chimney breast. The wall had been repaired before a long time ago and was uneven so I applied a skim coat of joint compound to level...