1. M

    Rotten floors

    Hi, We took up the flooring on a house we've recently moved into (5 different layers of laminate and lino!) to find the floorboards and joists pretty rotten in places. We're going to replace all the joists and wall plates on top of the sleeper walls, but try and keep as many of the old...
  2. A

    Damp joists in loft

    Hi all Hope you're well. I've just had my house re-roofed (new membrane, new battens , new thin edge sandtoft concrete tiles, and new dry ridge system). Following rain, the wooden rafters are getting damp in some areas (always the same recurring spots). When the rain stops and we have a dry...
  3. A

    Twisted joists upstairs ceiling

    Im about to overboard with insulated plasterboard an existing top floor lath and plaster ceiling. I just popped up the loft to check out the joists and mark up where the joists sit so that I can be sure to fix directly into them ... But we've got a problem... You will see from the photo that...
  4. D


    Hi guys, I looked at a house today, it has a great layout and great potential for a really nice home for myself. However, there are some exposed woodwork that doesn’t look good to me. What are your opinions please?
  5. CKbuilds

    Decking joists?

    Hello all, so I’m building a small 2.4x2.4 deck this weekend, I’m having a debate with my self about joist sizes. Wickes have got an offer on at the minute so 3x2 (70x45mm) is currently £4.50 per 2.4 length. Would this be strong enough for a low level deck? I’m planning on spacing joists at 30cm...
  6. G

    Is cracking running the length of a joist a problem?

    Hi, I noticed that one of my bathroom boosts has cracks running along it's length, is that normal? It has an area where it has rotted too, which I am planning to sister in that area. Thanks
  7. V

    boarding loft over binders

    hello all i want to board my loft. across it i have 4 binders (two middle 4x4 and two 4x2) on top of celling binders whith are 4x2 these binders are little in my way with boarding, so i was thinking to add another 4x2 joists on top of them (with will give me nice 300mm space for isulation) I...
  8. CCoomber

    Securely fixing floor joist to block wall.

    Hey everyone, so a floor joist in my kitchen has rotted across most of it's length due to some prolonged water damage (now sorted). I'm going to replace the joist completely it was attached with a few big nails into masonary and had dropped, doesn't seem secure for a floor that sees heavy use in...
  9. A

    HELP, ceiling doesn’t look like it’s attached to anything.

    Hi all, So I have an not level ceiling so today I planned on removing it, sistering joists to straighten it up and then plasterboarding. The ceiling is lath and plaster that has since been over boarded, so a lot to come down. So here I was in the attic trying to kick the ceiling down and then...
  10. S

    Suspended floor joists and damp

    Hi there. I am working on a 1930’s Edwardian terrace house. Dining room floor was in bad condition, the rear 75% of the floor was heavily damaged by woodworm – I could literally tear the boards up with my bare hands and they disintegrated – and the last 25% of the floor nearest the rear...
  11. C

    Size of trimmer and trimming joists for stairwell

    Hi all, Doing home renovation in my 1930's semi detached involving moving stairs so need to cut some joists and hoping for some advice. Please note I will be seeking services of a structural engineer closer to the time. Currently upstairs joists run left to right. I plan of fitting a double...
  12. S

    Extending floor joists

    Hi Guys, I'm removing my planked floor and replacing it all with 18mm plywood. I'm then going to add decoupling membrane to tile over. I've come into a little snag where some of the floor joists don't go to the end of the room. Pic below: What is the best way of extending these to the edge...
  13. I

    Moving stud wall under roof joist joint...

    Hi, I'm planning to rearrange the walls in my 2 bed semi to allow for another bedroom. To do this effectively I need to move a stud wall that runs across the roof joists, by about 300mm. I've been up in the loft and there's a joint in the roof joists that sits on the stud wall. When i move the...
  14. TeachMeObiWan

    Thoughts on a beam

    Hi, I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts or suggestions or recomendations. I have a crappy old conservatory that needs something doing. Also it's too hot, so my thinking is to convert it into a garden / sun room. It's currently a lean-to with the left side wall being the garage wall, so the front...
  15. S

    Roof Joist Prop

    Hello! First post here, so I post this humbly. I moved into a new house a couple of years ago which has an original garage on the side of the house but has been extended up to accommodate a bedroom above the garage. Originally there was a lean-to roof that would have been attached to the...
  16. G

    How can I check woodwork under floor

    Hi, I have an old house around 1910 I think. I can't see any access hatch to crawl space - would it normally be behind the front door? That is tiled,. If I want to know the condition of joists etc what is the best way? Is it some specialist survey? Thanks
  17. Moonhead

    No joist in front of loft hatch?

    I'm currently re-securing the ceiling in our bedroom as it has a bulge above the bed that is disconcerting. I've managed to find the joists either side of the loft hatch but cannot for the life of me find one between them, it's a gap of almost a meter. Any ideas? Is it possible that there are...
  18. G

    Flitch beam / joist

    Hello, have to repair an undersized and badly notched joist 38x175mm sitting in an intermediate floor connected to the ceiling below. The joist is sagging but also has a slope resulting in a lower level support in the middle of the flat (double span joists). A metal plate 8x150mm would be...
  19. A

    False Ceiling Joists

    Hi, So I have an extremely noisey neighbour above me and I cant afford to move so my only solution install a false ceiling with "sound" insulation. I have total of 175mm clearance to work with and my plan is to afix battens around the walls with coach bolts and then screw 45mm x 120mm joists...
  20. T

    joists for decking are warped, how to rectify them?

    Hi all, been busy building a decking and I received all the materials for the frame four weeks ago. The joists have been stored outside on their sides on some brick footers. Made some progress at the beginning then had to stand still for a while; thus out of the ten 4.8metres 120*47 joists I...