1. D

    How To Wire Drayton Wiser 1-Channel Smart Hub to Ideal Logic Max Combi C35 using OpenTherm

    Last year I had a new combi boiler installed alongside the Drayton Wiser smart hub system. This is the boiler: Ideal Logic Combi Boiler This is the controller system: Drayton Wiser Kit 1 I didn't know at the the time that the installer could wire it NOT using the OpenTherm module. I want to...
  2. J

    Dual channel Hive into a single channel Logic boiler...

    Hey everyone, first time posting here but I am completely at a loss - looked through lots of the other posts and they all cover parts of my problem, but not the whole thing! I bought a Hive dual channel as I incorrectly thought that's what I needed - turns out I only needed a single channel...
  3. M

    Replacing boiler with an Ideal

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the Ideal Logic Max Heat or the Ideal Logic+ Heat boilers. My plumber says he fits Ideal and needs to be a Heat only one due to less pipe work changes needed ? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  4. S

    Mysterious pressure loss

    Hi everyone, I’m having some strange issues with my boiler that has our usual heating guy stumped and I’m hoping one of you friendly DIYers will be able to help. It’s a Logic Combi 24 losing pressure, around 0.5 bar every 24 hours. I turned the boiler off and isolated the central heating feed...
  5. C5VHB

    Logic 24 combi boiler problem

    Hi, I have a Logic 24 Combi boiler. I have started having issues with the heating a couple of days ago when I realised the CH was not heating the radiators as much as it used to. I thought this may have been down to the pressure and tried to increase it slightly because it was on 1 bar and im...
  6. K

    Ideal Logic 30 (Combi Boiler) with "PCB Fault" on screen

    Have a Ideal Logic 30 (Combi Boiler) with "PCB Fault" on screen (photo below). No hot water for anything. Manual gives no indication. Photo of serial number below. Anyone ideas? I gather the "1304" means it was manufactured in 2013 on the 4th week of the year.
  7. F

    Timer for Hoover Logic 1000 (A3670) urgently required!

    I've had my Hoover Logic 1000 from new, and I've had very little trouble with it. So far I've been able to get parts for it, but the timer is proving almost impossible to find. My service engineer and I are spending hours online, but I'm rather disgusted to see people advertising these as being...
  8. D

    Nest 3rd Gen Install

    Hello everyone. I've just bought a 3rd Gen Nest and am going to attempt to install it myself. I've currently got a Danfoss TP9000, controlling my Logic 15 regular boiler: Only trouble is, when I take the face off I'm greeted by this: I really wasn't expecting to see three Neutral...
  9. C

    Ideal Logic System 15 - Leaking CH Flow Valve

    Hi folks, hope you can help! I have an Ideal Logic System 15 boiler (new build house, builders installed) which has a leak from the CH flow valve (gauge thing). I've had it 'fixed' no less than 5 times now - replaced the fibre washer and helped with liquid PTFE. In summer months, it's not on...