1. W

    Mixer tap (Frontline Espada) spout snapped from body

    Hi all, I have a Frontline Espada bath/shower mixer tap (2yrs old). The spout has snapped off ("it just snapped" said my son!) and I can't immediately see how to fix it - everything is still in good nick and I'm hoping there's just some sort of spare part I can use to reconnect the spout to the...
  2. J

    Belle mixer with 3.5hp Brigg stratton - stops working when loaded

    I have had a Petrol mixer belle 150l with 3.5hp briggs stratton used a while back for a project with no power, Then stored in the garage for few years. The other day we put it outside and tried to start with no luck. Removed carburettor, pushed some air and bang started at first pull. I then...
  3. B

    Replacing the kitchen mixer tap

    Our kitchen tap has developed a drip which has been going on for a while. I've been looking for a replacement but have no idea if I need deck mounted, surface mounted, monobloc, etc. I'm a bit hapless at DIY, but promised the wife I would sort it out. My current tap is below If...
  4. Weiss99

    Shower mixer failure

    After replacing the boiler to a combi from a system the shower mixer no longer works correctly. I assume this is due to now having mains pressure from the hot side but essentially the mixer is always ON. Occasionally the internals seem to move enough to provide an OFF setting but it does not...
  5. R

    Heritage Glastonbury exposed thermostatic shower - started squealing

    Hi, Had an Heritage Glastonbury exposed thermostatic shower - it's a wall-hung mixer tap!! Fitted for quite some time - long enough to be out of warranty!!! Typically, it's now started making a squealing noise while in use. Not always probably every other time it's used. Seems to be a case of...
  6. P

    Dismantling Mixer Tap to Fix Leak

    I have a 4 year old B&Q (Cooke & Lewis) mixer tap. There is a small leak from the middle of the tap. I'm quite handy and thought it was probably a washer, so I attempted to dismantle it to investigate. However I can't remove the last moving, circular part (see pics). And this is the part that...
  7. J

    Perplexing plumbing puzzle - please pacify problem!

    I moved into a new build around 18 months ago, and I consider myself a competent DIYer. Before I ask the builder to come and look at my plumbing I wanted to get some opinion on an odd issue we've been having. Our showers don't get hot (we've got two of them). It was most noticeable (probably...
  8. J

    Anyone knows how to dissemble a Secta basin mixer tap?

    It's dripping, not too bad but steady. Needs a replacement cartridge, I reckon. But how to take this chunk of polished steel apart without marking it? I'm assuming that the stationary sleeve conceals the cartridge, but all my attempts to unscrew it, or pull/twist it, have not shifted it. Even...
  9. G

    Shower acting weird?

    Hi everyone, I have recently entered a new property. The property is served hot water by a gas combi boiler at a fixed temperature of 55oC. The bathroom of the property has a shower mixer with a tap, similar to the one shown on the attached image. From the beginning, this setup has been...
  10. jcwacky

    Power Shower to Mixer - How to ensure same/better performance?

    I am considering having my vented hot water cylinder upgraded to an unvented cylinder. Therefore, I will also need to have our power shower replaced with a mixer shower. However, I only wish to do this if the shower performance is going to be the same or better. How do I ensure this will be...
  11. S

    Monobloc Mixer Tap Cartridge

    Hi all Sorry if this is a daft question, but is there any chance someone could help us to identify the cartridge in the pictures attached, or point us in the right direction? I'm not well enough to replace the whole tap but can replace the cartridge, and unfortunately I can't afford £60 +...
  12. D

    Hose at back of mixer shower has come off Looking for best next step

    Hi, Looking for next best steps. I had a pre-existing issue with a mixer shower that's valve had gone. When I have gone to replace a leak in the kitchen that I assumed was due to this and bad sealing has become more evident. The hose that connected the water supply from under the tub to the...
  13. GoodOne

    How to remove bathtub tap?

    Hiya, I would like to replace my tap to a mixer tap. However, i can't release the top slicer nut (A), but i could unscrew the copper one (B). Is there a way that i could do it. Can i just turn the tap itself?
  14. A

    Shower/bath mixer tap broken

    Hey guys, I was hoping for your advice as I have little experience of plumbing and want to have a bash at fixing this myself. Long story short, the bath tap/shower seems to only be able to run from very warm (at coldest) to quite hot (at it's hottest). So it doesn't go hot enough for a hot...
  15. L

    Shower gradually loses flow while other outlets unaffected

    We have a unvented system that was installed about 18 months ago. Everything works fine except for the shower - it has always been weaker than I had wanted, and has got worse in the last year or so. The main problem is that the shower flow rate slows to a dribble over the course of 10 minutes...