1. S

    Condition of brick work

    Hello I was looking at a house that is showing signs of wear, and im hoping please to get your thoughts on whether any of this looks serious. Under a lower window there are stepped cracks and some poor filling/repair, the damp proof course bricks look in poor condition, the guttering has...
  2. E

    Is this reasonable damage?

    Hi, we have had 3 steel beams put in downstairs (garage conversion) which has caused cracks to appear upstairs. The cracks are 15mm at the widest point, there is a draught coming through the external wall and the internal doors now do not open and close properly due to the frame being made...
  3. Rageyboy91

    Does this look like movement or plaster cracking?

    Hey, noticed this appear recently wondered if it looks abit dodge? Cheers.
  4. G

    Subsidence- should I be worried?

    We moved into our Victorian (1875) home nearly 2 years ago. Have only recently noticed these cracks - should we be worried? The patio has been removed below window presumably as this is where the previous owners planned to open up to an extension (which we haven't done) and I'm assuming the...
  5. R

    Cracks in bricks and mortar on 2014 house

    Hi folks First post, and hoping for some advice on two issues (pictures included). We moved into this 2014 built house a year ago; 1) Shortly after moving in we discovered some brickwork under the rear south facing patio doors seems to have shifted out with cracks in the mortar, we think...
  6. G

    Wall ties don't meet inner wall

    Hi, I noticed my upstairs window was looiking funny, on investigation the outer wall has moved maybe an inch or more away from the inner one and pulled the brown surface of the window frame with it. On removing the outer filler trim I can get my fingers in the cavity. I can see that the wall...
  7. H

    Cracking in brickwork where extension meets building, SUBSIDENCE??

    Hi, I am a new member here, in the process of buying a 3 bed 2 storey 1970's house and have noticed cracking in the masonry where the rear (single storey) extension meets the building. The cracks are stepped and go through both the bricks and the mortar. The extension itself is around 15 years...
  8. JamesGibs0

    Floating Screed, cracks and movement

    We have had an extension and wet UFH installed across the whole ground floor (new and old). UFH in the new extension is clipped on top of celotex. UFH in the existing is embedded in an insulation board. - about 45m2 in total We've had a floating screed installed (Longfloor CT-25/F5) and 3...
  9. I

    Re-appearing movement crack in wall

    Hi All, I've had a long-standing battle with a particular crack on an internal wall that keeps shifting. No matter how I fill, sometimes the cracks opens and sometimes it moves the other way and 'pushes' the filler out the crack upwards a little to create a raised crack. The wall has been...
  10. Fishwalker

    Buying a 1920's semi with cracks everywhere... Help!

    Hi. We sold our house last year and are living with my parents with our young daughter (4 months now!). We've viewed 50 houses now as didn't really know where we wanted to live and nothing very good has been on the market long, due to our budget and limited family homes in my daughter's...
  11. L

    Advice Needed - Structural Movement, How Worried Should I Be?

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a nice start to your weekend. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice. A structural engineer conducted a report on the building next door in 2017 and said the building was in need of remedial work to reinstate the structural...
  12. O

    Cracks - should I be worried (photos)

    I have had an offer accepted on a rather boring 3 bed 1950s brick construction house. The house had a rear flat roofed single extension in the 1970s and next to that a conservatory was added in 2000 along with the double glazed windows. It hasn't been decorated in some time! I have since learnt...
  13. K

    Movement in new sandstone patio

    Hi, Please can I get some advice about a new patio I have just had fitted by a landscaper. The patio is a quality branded sandstone 900x600 slabs. The old patio was dug out and new MOT laid and whacked. The slabs were then laid on a mix of sharp sand and cement. Now about 2-3 weeks there...
  14. J

    Sloping lounge/dining room floor

    Afternoon all, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated welcomed. We live in a 1930's semi detached. Upstairs floor/bedrooms above the lounge appear to be level, however the lounge is sloping towards the other semi attached to the side of the house. The sloping begins half way across...
  15. M

    Vertical crack, front elevation corner.

    Property is projected from the adjoining terrace property by a brick course or so. see pics. what is going on here, especially since the property has had some previous repair. 1950 3 bed