1. B

    NEWBIE cutting nails/ staircase renovation - multitool generating sparks?

    Hi all! Hoping for some advice: I'm renovating our stairs which includes the removal of some nails. I've checked: not all need to be removed and the ones I'm currently removing will be replaced with screws from the step above into the riser below. When I use my dewalt multitool with nail...
  2. S

    Cedar slat fence - nail staining

    Hi there, Hope i've put this in the right category. I've just had some link removed western cedar slats put up in the corner of the garden. They have been nailed to a wooden frame. They have only been up a couple weeks and I have started noticing some black staining coming out of the...
  3. W

    Manstard Roof - Slipping tiles - Nails

    Hi, We've got a really old cottage with a tiled mansard roof. The bottom slope (approx 80 degrees) has slipping tiles, and if you try and put them back it's like playing ker-plunk and they all start slipping. I'm firmly of the opinion that this has been bodged (~1980s) as not all the tiles are...
  4. U

    Wood floor installation in garden studio

    We've had a big garden studio built, and in an effort to save money on the escalating costs of having it done out (and because we didn't like any of the laminate options available to us), we opted to finish the flooring ourselves. We want to keep costs down, so are looking to install simple...
  5. D

    I'm an idiot. Timber decking laid without gaps. Help!

    I know this is bad. Really bad. I'm a grade-A idiot. Hopefully the worst DIY mistake I ever make. I just got done laying 6m x 4.8m of decking onto joists without leaving gaps between. I put three nails in each board - one either side and one in the middle. The nails are ring shank, I think. I...
  6. wilco88

    Glue and nail floorboards or just nail? Or screw?

    Hi, I have lifted the 1930's pine floorboards from my house. I plan to insulate underneath them and then re-lay and sand. Should I: 1. Glue and nail them down 2. Just nail them down 3. Screw and glue 4. Just screw Worried about squeeky floor boards. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  7. SS-ProjectBuild

    Correct nails for Timbers

    Hi, I will be framing my flat roof using 9 x 3 timbers.... what size/type of nails do i use to brin git all together (noggings/overlaps/framing etc) ? Thanks.
  8. J

    First Fix nails for nail gun. Ring or smooth to build stud walls?

    I have borrewed a pasloded IM350 to speed build up of few studwall instead of suing screws. As I have to buy some 90mm nail and found fishers to be cheaper than the original Paslode. I only have doubt if the nails need to be smooth or ring. Any help on this?
  9. fordfocus2003

    Rusty Nails On Fence Panels. Rust Inhibiting Primer or Hammerite Direct To Rust before Cuprinol?

    Hello! I'm hoping for some help as I've been going round in circles working out what to do. I had some new Featheredge Forest Garden fence panels last summer. I fitted them in the garden and left them for the winter to settle in before planning to treat them with Cuprinol Garden shades paint...
  10. B

    Batten bounce prevention when nailing

    Hi, i had several tile breakages yesterday due to battens bouncing when nailing in clout nails. My battens are 38x19 and have been counter battened. Requirements are two clout nails per tile on vertical tiling? Screwing would be easier but believe it's not correct to do so. Any handy tips for...
  11. A

    Nails or Screws for Picket Fence

    Hi, I'm building 1.5m high picket fence in my backyard. For the rails I'm using some 1 3/4" x 3" treated timber. These slot into concrete posts. For the pales I've salvaged some 1" x 1 1/2" roofing battens from a skip (I think they are roofing battens) Should I use nails or screws to fasten...
  12. giggadygoo

    Scaff board floor - what nail?

    Hi Guys, I have a problem! I am making a floor with reclaimed scaff boards into 2x5 joists. I love the look and apparent superior grip of cut brad nails but can only find them in 65mm. That would be perfect for normal floors but as the scaff boards are 35mm (after sanding), I am concerned that...