1. CatherineT1992

    Neighbour crossing boundary!

    Hi everyone! Just after some advice. My neighbour has a lean to that is supported by and crosses my fence area! Prior to the pandemic, I have approached him and asked him nicely to remove it, I have explained that the runoff from the side of the house in particularly wet weather is leaving...
  2. 0

    LOUD NEIGHBOUR - Sound proofing advise needed.

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 1930s mid terraced property, It turns out my neighbour is going deaf, loves to sing and has a jack russell... Needless to say I am loosing my mind a little. As far as I can tell the sound is coming through both the alcoves one either side of the fireplace &...
  3. C

    Rear extension encroaching foundations

    Hi all, My first time posting on here so thanks in advance for any help! I am planning (and have permission for) a single storey, 4 metre depth extension on my end of terrace 1930s house. Our neighbours already have a 3 metre single storey extension and we have dug a trial pit to discover...
  4. M

    Garden Property Boundary Registration & Fencing

    Good Evening, Was hoping you could help me please, I have been a homeowner of my property for 25 years, Mortgage paid off and I have my title deeds ownership of the home. We had a back garden extension built 7 years ago, though, before this, we had a wall and wire fencing which partitioned both...
  5. C

    Boiler flue exit towards our property ally way- Buying a property

    I'm in the process of buying a property. The legal process is currently going on. Neighbor was doing the two floor extension over their garage when we put the offer for buying the property next to them (left side). We just went for the second viewing recently and noticed that their extension has...
  6. M

    Neighbour's felt roof bonded to my garage - need to remove it!

    Evening all, had a look around but could not find anything that seems similar to my problem - but apologies if this is duplicating another thread. I'm looking for any advice you might have regarding me disturbing my neighbour’s questionable flat felt roof when I come to re-roof my garage. The...