Neighbour's felt roof bonded to my garage - need to remove it!

1 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
Evening all, had a look around but could not find anything that seems similar to my problem - but apologies if this is duplicating another thread.

I'm looking for any advice you might have regarding me disturbing my neighbour’s questionable flat felt roof when I come to re-roof my garage. The outer brick wall of both my neighbour’s 1-storey extension and my garage are built right up against each other (like a 1/4” gap), and overlap length-wise by an annoying ~2 feet or so at the front end of my garage – this is where the problem is occurring.

A couple of years back my neighbour had their roof re-felted, I think it was about then, I didn’t pay much attention… Then recently I came to start planning to strip off my garage roof and completely renew it (it’s knackered and almost blew off last winter), when I realised that the roofers had run the neighbour’s felt over the corner of my garage and had effectively sealed her house to my garage roof...I was rather looking forward to the job TBH, until I spotted this, now I’m rather cautious of even touching it...

My garage roof is double skinned (read: bodged) – a lower layer of corrugated asbestos (I assume) sat on rotten roof beams, and an upper layer of corrugated aluminium, with the two separated by some slightly less rotten battens...Once I’ve stripped it off I reckon I could have a much lower roof than her when I’m all done, so a ridge/separation shouldn’t be too hard, but I’d need to make sure her roof is good for my conscience - and I don’t want to go dicking around with it without a sound plan!

What would you do?

It strikes me the workmanship here looks distinctly temporary, and if the roofer that laid this felt was at all reputable(the rest of it looks reasonabled), they would know this, and be happy to come round and sort this out (i.e. make my neighbour’s roof good), ASAP after I’ve taken my roof off, no?

My neighbour’s great by the way, but she’s away at the moment and I’m just not expecting her to have much more of an opinion that “just don’t make my roof leak”. I guess as far as the law’s concerned, as long as I only disturb the extraneous bits of her roof on my building then I’m fine, but her roof will definitely leak if I don't do something about it, and I want to be a slightly better neighbour than “your problem love, good luck”!

Oh b0llucks I could just send the whole job out to contractor (anyone near Southampton fancy a go?) but I don’t really have the money, and I will probably pay a huge amount for getting rid of the asbestos, which I’m quite happy I’m careful enough to remove by meself...

Thanks very much in advance!

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That's nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.
you will need a paint scrapper and a hot air gun to gently
warm it up and then you will be able to prise it off you garage
a gas torch will work as well just don't go setting fire to anything.

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