1. C

    Induction hob damage

    Hello. I've just had an induction hob fitted, a Hotpoint with flexi space. After first use of a new frying pan and 3rd use of a new saucepan, some weird marks have formed on the pattern of the hob ring, they have turned a silver colour in patches... see photos (very tricky to pick up in a photo...
  2. P

    Damage to aerated blocks

    Hi there, any help would be greatly appreciated!! I've just taken off some tiles in the bathroom with the intention of dot and dabbing some plasterboard on to the aerated blocks (I think they're Thermalite) then plastering over the top. (It was a fully tiled bathroom but I'm changing it to a...
  3. G

    Kitchen Unit Heat/Steam Protection

    IMG-20210716-WA0002 by Geekpie posted 16 Jul 2021 at 9:03 AM We have 'appliance garages' in our kitchen to try and keep toaster/kettle etc off worktops. We rarely use toaster or kettle but missus has got into habit of daily coffees from her posh coffee machine and that means a lot of hot steam...
  4. M

    Cracks in Brickwork

    Hey guys, looking to buy this as my first home, and on the homebuyers report the surveyor mentioned; Some repairs are required to the wall surfaces including spalled brickwork and repairs are required. The property has been affected by past structural movement, evidenced by cracking to wall...
  5. M

    Neighbours Dormer question and my roof on Victorian Semi

    Hello My neighbour has almost finished their L Shaped Dormer and the Builders/Roofers have damaged my roof etc and have now after a lot of chasing they are working to make repairs (they were standing on my roof to complete the Dormer - i consented to this under the understanding that they repair...
  6. Pie&Chips

    What to repair this black layer with?

    Hi all, I have taken the skirtings off a late 60s/early 70s building and in some areas there was damage caused by the nails as seen in the picture. I am filling these with a rapid set cement based mortar. The question I have is that there is a smooth, rubbery feeling black coating that...
  7. D

    Sitting board edges on the membrane?

    The (4m long) stud sole is fixed thru the membrane, the fixing holes are sealed. Is it wiser to fix the lower horiz. boards raised up slightly, off the membrane to prevent membrane damage? Or do boards need support along the lower edge, provided by the floor? Thanks, Dain
  8. D

    Plasterboard carriers - are they ok?

    Any recommendations? Screwfix do a roughneck but it's only 165mm wide, which isn't very generous considering the weight of a single sheet. I have to shift some 12.5mm plasterboard on my own. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
  9. L

    Advice Needed - Structural Movement, How Worried Should I Be?

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a nice start to your weekend. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice. A structural engineer conducted a report on the building next door in 2017 and said the building was in need of remedial work to reinstate the structural...
  10. N

    Intergas Xtreme 36

    Dear reader, I had a plumber doing some work at my new house recently, he had to drain the plumbing of my central heating in order to do some work in the bathroom. After he was done I saw him filling the boiler (Intergas Xtreme 36) again, while it was still turned on and clearly actively...
  11. J

    Frost damaged, spalling brickwork

    Hi All, We are in the process of buying a red brick Victorian mid-terrace house. The survey on the house we are looking to buy has identified frost damaged brickwork on the front of the property, most of the bricks are showing symptoms, +60%. How big a job is getting all those bricks replaced...
  12. B

    2005 Volvo S40 1.8 smoke from exhaust

    I recently bought a 2005 1.8 Volvo S40. When I was buying the car everything seemed to be fine. The car has done 87,000 miles. When I got the car home I was driving it about for a bit I reved the car and noticed a plume of smoke, it was unclear whether it is blue or white. It was a cold enough...
  13. D

    Click vinyl - is it easy to put down etc

    I don't mind removing the door architraves etc to put it down. Is an underlay of some kind always necessary (am trying not to raise finished surface up too much). How much expansion space needed along edges of a 3x2m room? (room is currently without skirting) Once down, if I remove a...
  14. D

    Ceiling cracks and damp, Roof damage? Extent of damage and repair?

    Damp and cracks in communal hallway, ceiling shown in image, roof is above the hallway ceiling. I have enhanced the image to make it more visible. Here is what it looks like in reality without photo enhancement exaggeration, and how it actually looks like in real life. The tenants and...
  15. R

    Came to give estimate and wiring's dislodged

    Man came to look at loft to refloor. I saw him tug some wires but didn't think much of it (as it's his trade). That evening I found all upper storey lights stopped working. I can't see that anything has tripped in junction box, there's nothing to reset. I mailed next day and he said he'd...
  16. J


    Hi there, This is my first post on the forum, nice to meet you all! I have just bought my first house, apart from all the sockets falling off the walls it all seemed okay until Monday. It rained overnight and I woke up to a large damp patch around my bedroom window. It hasn't rained since...
  17. M

    Neighbour's felt roof bonded to my garage - need to remove it!

    Evening all, had a look around but could not find anything that seems similar to my problem - but apologies if this is duplicating another thread. I'm looking for any advice you might have regarding me disturbing my neighbour’s questionable flat felt roof when I come to re-roof my garage. The...