1. T

    Garage Conversion - Large Span

    Hi, We are converting a double detached garage at the back of our garden. It will need building regs approval because of the size (45sqm) and being at the boundary on 3 sides. I am struggling with the roof - The open span of it (5.79m) is not even in the span tables so I am imagining we will...
  2. D

    Infuriating leak

    Hello. I apologise if this should be in a more appropriate thread. I had a look but couldn't find one. Tearing my hair out here about this leak which proceeds from roof into bedroom, down same column to kitchen on one side and dining room on the other. The roof was replaced two years ago and was...
  3. Rawflippa

    Elvox 6200 - Buzzes but can't unlock door

    Hi Folks, Just recently moved into a new flat and after a week had some visitors up, it seems though that my entry phone isn't unlocking downstairs, great for the legs but I'm top floor so not ideal! Appears to be an Elvox 6200, I can hear the person on the other end and they can hear me...
  4. A

    Hanging punch bag from apartment ceiling

    Hello. I live in a ground floor apartment of a 4 storey block of flats and wish to hang a punch bag. There is a suspended ceiling and then above that is what is pictured. Is it viable to place a type of anchor (drop-in anchor?, shield anchor?) into the the concrete slabs and then use something...
  5. P

    Do the 4 and 10 year rules apply to flats?

    I am an owner (leaseholder) of a flat in an ex-council block in London. I have a metal shed in the garden which would be within the permitted development limitations (size, height, position, temporary bolt-together construction) if those applied to flats, but they don't. The shed has been there...
  6. U

    EPDM Flat roof slope(s)

    Hi. Please be patient with me as this is my first big build! I'm an Engineer by trade though so reasonably confident once I understand the basics. I'm planning a large garden workshop and would like to flat roof it with Classicbond EPDM. The actual structure will be 6x4m in Thermalite blocks...
  7. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof - Joist Sizes help [Diagram]

    Hi Guys, Looking at the attached plan... with the joists running left to right.... which joist size would be suitable: 1) 8x2 2) 8x3 3) 9x3 The internal walls are solid block and load bearing
  8. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof / Joist layout

    Hi guys, Would anyone be able to suggest the best way to frame this flat roof (cold roof because of height restrictions)? Will be using C24 9” x 3" and all the internal walls are solid block load bearing. I was thinking about creating a 2 way fall to each side with firring strips. OSB and then...
  9. T

    What is the purpose of fascia boards compared to cladding

    I'm rebuilding a flat roofed garage and am wondering what the point in fascia boards are here because the rafters don't overhang the wall, instead they finish flush with the edge of the wall. Is there any reason I shouldn't clad right up to the roof line? A rubber roof will be installed with a...
  10. J

    Remove internal partition on my extension. Will the flat roof stand?

    Hi, I got an extension with a flat roof and 47x125 trusses with an average distance of centre to centre less than 400mm and a total span of 5.36m A the moment I have a blockwork internal partition dividing the extension into 2 rooms and would like to have one large space as per my neighbours...
  11. C

    chimney breast party wall ground floor flat

    Hi there, I am considering buying an ex council gf maisonette (you know the type) and am thinking about removing the chimney breast on the ground floor between the kitchen and the lounge. It is not attached to any of the four outside walls, just goes straight through the middle of the ground...
  12. eveares

    Twist earth wire through spare screw hole in back box with no earth lug?

    My Aunty is moving from her council flat in Croydon to a council flat in Kent to be nearer to the family, and so have been doing some simple electrical jobs for her. Whilst I was replacing the 4 brushed chrome light switches (That I fitted about 4 years ago) in the flat for cheap plastic ones...
  13. N

    Loft conversion advice for maisonettes

    Hi all I'm considering a loft conversion in my first floor maisonette (semi detached property). I share the freehold with the downstairs owners. Before I start spending on architects, planning application etc, I'd like to know how big a conversion I'd be allowed. If I can't do a hip to gable...
  14. O

    Leaking flat roof, repair or replace & rough cost...?

    Hi all, Yesterdays storm caused the flat roof to leak in various places, I actually made a hole where it was dripping in the living room ceiling and loads of water poured out. Going to put a tarp sheet over it for now with some bricks to hopefully keep most of the water out. Only a few months...
  15. M

    Neighbour's felt roof bonded to my garage - need to remove it!

    Evening all, had a look around but could not find anything that seems similar to my problem - but apologies if this is duplicating another thread. I'm looking for any advice you might have regarding me disturbing my neighbour’s questionable flat felt roof when I come to re-roof my garage. The...
  16. N

    Is this a problem with my flat roof?

    About 18 months ago at the corner edge of my flat roof a bubble appeared under the felt. Since the roof was still under a 10 year warranty the roofing company replaced a section of it. You can see it in the photos below where the felt looks lighter in an oblong piece. All was good until...
  17. Q

    Newbie here - Strange Pipe above Brick Partition Wall!

    Hi all, New to the forum, but I have joined as I have no idea what is going on here. I'm looking to open up a hope between my kitchen and living room, we live in a 1940's council block, the kind with the sash windows and walkway. Obviously want to get permission from the council, and today I...