Fascia removal on flat roof with felt

2 May 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

just discovered this forum and it looks great from what I've read so far.

I was hoping you could give me some help with the replacement of the fascias on my flat roof garage.

The wooden fascias are quite rotten and I was going to patch them but after speaking to a neighbour he suggested that I replace them due to problems with shrinkage and water ingress etc. The fascias are covered by about 3-4 inches of roofing felt which has a double folded edge. The felt has been bonded to the roof in sections so the total length of these (are they called flashings?) is about 1-2 feet.

The felt appears to be stuck in some places to the fascia and there is about a 1-2 inch of felt covering the board.

My question is:

1) can I remove the fascias without disturbing the felt and can I use a blowtorch or similar to rebond the felt onto the new boards (is this necessary?)

2) can the sections of felt flashing be removed from the roof and new sections bonded back in when the boards are replaced?

The roof is covered by a layer of silver reflective paint.

Thanks for your help!
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thespaceman said:
1) can I remove the fascias without disturbing the felt and can I use a blowtorch or similar to rebond the felt onto the new boards (is this necessary?)
I normally use a wide wallpaper stripper between the felt and the fascia board carefully prise it apart by pushing it upward the whole length, the only problem you may have is hitting some nails depending how it was done.

Ideally is to have 3 wallpaper stripper and move the end one to after the next 2 etc preventing damage to the felt.
So the trick is to use steam to soften the felt and remove it from the board. If they did use nails I'm guessing that the roofers must have laid the felt first on the fascia and then folded the edge back and then bonded to the roof.

I'll have a go with a scraper and see how I get on.

...........yeah, when a flat roofer does the edge flashings with green mineral felt;
he nails them, mineral inwards (facing the fascia) to the timber.
crimps them and folds em back onto the roof, thus creating a drip.
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Ok so if the worst come to the worst and the strips are all nailed do I:

Cut the nails and try to bond the edge to the fascia or

Cut the nails and leave as is or

Remove the edge strips and fit new felt which I can bond to the original top felt layer?
if you want the finished product to look ok then i guess you'll just have to get a flat roofer to re-flash the roof after you've done the fascia.

its sometimes wise to nail a 20x40mm batten to top edge of the old fascia, then fix the plastic up to it. this gives the roofer a springboard for his flashings.
Last time I flashed on a springboard ........it was @ the Peckham Lido...and I was arrested :eek:

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