nest gen 3 install

  1. J

    wiring a Drayton LP722 into a nest

    I believe I have a s-plan heating system. I have looked in the airing cupboard and found 2 valves. One says for hot water The other says Zone valve but I dont think it is a Y-plan as there are only 2 settings. Am I correct? Here is the wire for my Drayton LP722 Is it as easy...
  2. I

    Help with fitting a nest to a Potterton EP3000

    Hi I have a 3rd gen Nest and Heat link that I want to install.. I have an old Potterton EP3000 which looks abit confusing, any help would be appreciative. Thanks in advance..
  3. R

    Nest 3rd Gen - Heatline Sargon 24 Combi Boiler

    Hello All, First off - My apologies for yet another nest install post. I just dont want to get it wrong and am installing myself. No previous knowledge of boiler work but a family memeber kindly purchased us one for Christmas but I cannot afford for a specialist to do it for me. Within the...
  4. R

    Upgrade Nest to Nest 3rd gen with HW control. Easy?!

    Hi, I would love to get advice on upgrading my Nest thermostat to the Nest version 3 that controls your HW apart from heating. I have the Nest that just controls your heating. My condensing boiler is the Glow-Worm Ultracom 38hxi and the Nest Heat link is connected to the boiler and within 1m...
  5. G

    Nest v3 Install on Ideal Classic FF350 Boiler Existing Danfoss FP715 Programmer

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a new Nest V3 Installation for hot water and heating control. I currently have a Y plan system with the following components: - Boiler - Ideal Classic FF350 in the utility room. - Programmer - Danfoss FP715 (below the boiler). - Danfoss - thermostat in the...
  6. T

    Nest 3rd Generation Heat Link installation

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Nest Heat Link it to link to my Potterton Promax SL boiler, and worried I don't fully understand the wiring on the back of my old programmer! I figure it should be fairly straightforward to swap over from my old programmer to the Heat Link, from seeing similar...
  7. B

    Nest, time for a professional?

    Hey all, I've read numerous threads on here about installing Nest 3rd generation into the home (such as this good one - kudos to @stem). I'm really tempted to do this myself but my wife will kill me if I screw up the heating at this time of year! If anyone can give me some pointers, it would...
  8. D

    Wiring Nest heatlink to Vaillant ecoTEC 937

    Hi, 1st post and I'm a bit of an amatuer (can do basic wiring) so be gentle... Basically I need to wire a 3rd generation Nest Heatlink to a Vaillant EcoTEC 937. Could someone please relate the Nest instructions to the boiler wiring diagram for me? I'm not sure which Nest instructions I should...
  9. Chetz01

    Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat into Y Plan

    Hello, this forum has been helpful before so I thought I would ask something new! I have recently purchased a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat and I'm looking to install it myself, the system seems to comprise of 2 parts, a Heat Link and a digital Thermostat. My house has a regular boiler fitted with...
  10. wotsit

    Nest Gen 3 Install vs Hive Gen 2 Install UK

    Looking for some advice on Nest 3rd Gen and Hive 2nd Gen installation requirements for my current setup, wonder if someone can assist in answering my queries. I'll start with an explanation of what I have and where I would like to get to and will drop a few photos here too. I have a Gas fired...