1. MrsRenovator

    Wallpaper: Centre seam or Centre Panel?

    I haven't wallpapered since the early 90's but I'm going to hang some wallpaper on the wall that faces you as you go down to the bottom off the stairs. The wall is 960mm wide. And it has a wall light fitting centrallly, and a light switch towards the left. Should I put a panel up in the...
  2. S

    What's the hardest part about using Acrow props

    Hi , am new here :)) I'm going to be using Acrow props for a project soon for the first time but I've been told things about people fighting with them - struggling to adjust the final height etc., is it really that bad? I had a look into alternatives (brick brace etc.) but they are just so...
  3. C

    Enforcer - Anyone know how to stop sensor from beeping?

    Hi, Enforcer was set up so when the sensor on outhouse is triggered it beeps on enforcer panel. Id like to change that. Anyone know how please? Regards, Mark
  4. KirstyJ

    Someone help me understand my immersion set up!

    Hey! I moved into a new flat recently, and it is fully electric (which is new to me) and taking me some time to figure things out. I'd appreciate some guidance so I can feed back anything I need to my lettings agency. So, I have an immersion tank with 2 switches. I've been investigating and...
  5. W

    Concrete in a saucepan problem, please help

    I’m trying to make diy weight plates(all gym equipment has sold out here) by setting cement in a saucepan like so: I left it set for over 12 hours just to be safe even though the bag says it sets in 2 hours. Still, the result is less than satisfactory...
  6. Gauss

    Roof joist installation

    Hi - My builder is in the process of finishing off my 8m by 9m outbuilding and he’s installed the roof joists as attached. Does this look right? Any advise or thoughts are appreciated. TIA.
  7. Beezle

    Rendering Victorian fireplace: builder added scratch coat, already cracking.

    Greetings! Currently renovating my Victorian house and on the newbie learning curve, I love it. Two differing builder perspectives: old school and new school and I need another viewpoint. Eeek! Lots of info here: After we opened the large fireplace (exciting), Builder One filled in a vertical...
  8. D

    Old Ideal Mexico Floor Standing Boiler - any info

    Hi there, I am hoping that one of you lovely folk can help me with some general i formation and advice regarding an old Ideal Mexico floor standing boiler please. We are interested in purchasing a house and in the old fireplace space in the kitchen is one of the boilers. Judging by the font...
  9. Bearman

    Kitchen - Cooker FCU + Grid Switch for Appliances

    I have been an active follower of advice on this site for some time and thought I'd take the jump and sign up. As a newbie, apologies if this question is duplicative, posted in the wrong place or if I've made any other faux pas. I'm currently learning the trade, but not anywhere near qualified...
  10. R

    Newbie garage extension question

    Hi all, this is my first post, so I hope this is the right place... We live in a detached 3 bed with a garage alonside but set about 6ft back from the house (the back of the garage is level with the back of the house) I was thinking of extending the garage forward and bring it slightly past the...
  11. B

    How do you go from newly cleared, overgrown garden, to lawn and vegetable garden? (newbie)

    Hey folks, Gardening newbie here. Just got a new house that has a garden which hasn't been touched in years. Taken weeks to cut it all back, demolish rotten sheds, dig up old stumps and trees, bushes etc. Going to dig up that concrete path we found and old clothesline (if we can), and have...