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  1. A

    Running water sound in CH pipes after radiator valve change

    We have a system/conventional boiler (Viessmann Vitedens 100W) with a feeder tank in the loft. A leaking radiator valve upstairs was changed, which involved draining quite a bit of water from the system. After fitting the valve, the engineer refilled the system and mentioned we may need to...
  2. F

    Large change in water pressure and whining/humming pipes

    Hi, I've noticed that over the past few months that when the water pressure reads at around 0.5, when the heating (gas central heating) comes on the pressure changes to about 2. Is that a normal jump in the reading? I dont remember tracking it before, so I'm not sure how long its been that...
  3. F

    VAILLANT EcoTEC plus 831 sounds like a helicopter landing

    Just had my boiler serviced, two hours after the engineer left, the boiler suddenly started making a very very loud humming/buzzing noise. The vibration went through the house and through me. It sounded like a truck was about to come in the patio doors. The experience lasted 2 minutes and then...
  4. J

    Vibrating noise from boiler

    I am hearing a vibrating noise coming from the boiler when its about to turn heating off. I have made a recording of the same, the noise is a bit faint at the beginning but as soon as I approach the boiler (around 4-5 sec) it can be heard clearly, it only lasts about 5 secs in total but can be...
  5. KevinRussell

    Boiler banging - not kettling

    Hi I have a 3 month old Glowrom Ultimate 25R. When it starts up when cold, it makes the occasional, single banging noise like two 4 by 4 planks being banged together. It will happen a half dozen times in the first 30 minutes then hardly at all for the rest of the day. The CH pump is definitely...
  6. M

    loud cracking noise in c/h boiler

    hi my 6 yr old IQE Simplicity central heating boiler randomly makes a loud cracking noise once or twice day, at first we thought it was ice build up somehow cracking in the fridge [thats the sound] . this is not from the rads or pipes anyone have any ideas, thanx