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    Bamboo worktop: how to seal appropriately, which oil is best to use?

    TLDR: Bamboo worktop, which oil is the most indicated? I hear Danish Oil is good enough, is Osmo Top Oil a level head? We are looking to achieve a well sealed, truly impenetrable worktop. After having some make-shift OSB worktops for more than a year, we finally decided on some bamboo worktops...
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    OSMO Polyx Oil on new flooring

    A bit of advise please. We've laid a new oak floor in the living room which has been stained and then 2 coats of OSMO polyx oil added. After a week we've as careful as possible tried to put our furniture back in but any slight scrape on the floor is resulting in white flakes coming up from the...
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    Osmo oil on wooden tabletop

    I’m a new boy on the block and have come looking a bit of advice. Well it’s not actually a disaster I have but help would be appreciated. I’ve a round wooden table top addition to my kitchen island. I’m sure you e seen the type I mean. Anyway I decided to get rid of some watermarks and minor...
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    Wood flooring, hardwax oiled applied, not a great finish.

    Hi all, Coated my wood floor with Osmo Wood Wax Extra Thin Hardwax Oil this morning. Waited an hour as it was dry and the wood had sucked up the oil and applied a second coat, as per instructions. Now however, it's an uneven finish which doesn't look great. When I do a 'scratch' test on the...