1. M

    Front Elevation - Carport and Building Inside it

    Hi, I think I need planning permission for this: Carport built over driveway, which is in front of the front door but to the side. I am aware of the various height restrictions. Picture attached Plan is to built a shed and small work out room within the area of the car port (half of the port...
  2. H

    Advice please - what happens if I report?

    Hello. I'm looking for some advice about a neighbour's outbuilding. The neighbour has built an outbuilding (which is their right of course) but have also connected a soil pipe from the outbuilding all the way down the garden to then join the sewerage system on a shared passageway. The trench...
  3. P

    Steel frame garden room with no lintel in order to achieve particular aesthetic

    Hello! I am going to build a steel frame garden room (light guage steel) of size 6m x6m, with slimline sliding doors spanning the whole width of the front wall. There is essentially no steel on the front wall apart from where the side walls (150mm studs) come up to the doorline and past it on...
  4. A

    Wet, drafty utility room

    Hello, I have a utility room that is wet from condensation, freezing cold to the touch and really drafty with 2 air bricks and a extractor fan! The plaster is all shot and it's only single brick all external walls with an internal door separating it from the bathroom. I assume this may have been...
  5. R

    Concrete block pile foundation for shed - how to level?

    I am planning on building a couple of garden buildings, one 30sqm, and another smaller 'practice shed' that is around 9sqm. Both are on a hill, the smaller building on a steeper bit of land than the larger one (which is flat-ish mostly). Due to the location, materials have to be transported by...
  6. J

    Using tile backer foam board for internal walling of single skin block wall.

    I am curios if this is doable or would work. I have a small single skin block shed. Now I am wondering if you can use foam tile backer board like Q Board dot and dabbed to the wall as both the vapor barrier, insulation and paneling without using plasterboard? This panel is meant for wet rooms...
  7. J

    Single skin block wall roof to wall runner an issue?

    I have a small outbuilding built around 10x10ft in single skin medium density block. I have a 4% pitch roof and want the high point of the beams to sit within the wall to keep the roof blocked from the close fencing as its within the boundary. So my idea was a wooden 2x5 wall plate (runner)...
  8. J

    Ideas on back garden workshop outbuilding shed construction materials

    Planning to build a workshop around 8x5m on my back garden. Ideally would need to be warm enough to be used during winter without freezing. As I have a limited budget, I`m looking for any suggestion on materials and construction methology to optimise the outcome. Thanks
  9. J

    Outbuilding 2.8m tall near boundary

    Hi, I am in Essex and I would like to build an outbuilding 4.9m x 2.7 meters (approx 13sqm) and 2.8m tall near the neighbour boundary. I would need planning permission because it is above the 2.5m tall permitted development limit. Would I need building regulations approval as well? According to...
  10. MP1

    UVC for small outbuilding

    Hello, Please could someone recommend a small, wall mounted, 60-80L UVC for small outbuilding office / gym? I need hot water for a shower/steam unit and a bathroom sink. Many thanks!
  11. B

    Foundations for my outbuilding

    Hi all, I hope you are well. I'll try to keep this short. I am building an outbuilding (hopefully to use as an office / gym). The size is approx. 7m by 4m. It is being built on the boundary so within 1m. I plan to build it all of the light breeze blocks (except two rows of bricks at the...
  12. Tactical DIY

    Shed electric supply

    Hello all. I'm thinking of running power to my shed for a few lights and a few sockets. I currently have an outdoor socket and was wondering if I tie into this, can I then run this to the shed where I'll have a consumer unit to then split the supply to lights / sockets. Any help would be much...
  13. L

    Old brick shed close to boundary into office?

    Hi we have a brick shed approximately 12 square metres at the bottom of our garden - it was there when we moved in 11 years ago. It's very close to the back fence boundary - much less than a metre. It's in quite good condition and we would like to adapt it to make a home office and gym. To do...
  14. C

    Basement Tanking Membrane - Suitable for Ceilings??

    I'm converting a brick outbuilding to a utility room and was planning on using a basement Tanking damp proof membrane to line the walls before Battens and insulated plaster boards go on. The roof is flat concrete with rebar running across tieing in to next doors so as expected the ceiling can...
  15. D

    Planning permission for outbuilding with utilites?

    Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me... I'm looking to build a timber framed out-building in my back garden. It seems to be ok under permitted development in terms of size and height but I also want to supply electricity to it and put a toilet in there which is the part I'm not sure about...
  16. N

    Underpin internal wall on ex-outbuilding?

    I've recently had some underpinning design work done, and it's far more extensive than I'd hoped. I'm hoping to get advice here on how thorough I need to be. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this! We have a semi-detached 60s ex-council house, which had a flat roofed outbuilding joined...
  17. P

    Supply to garden office

    Hello, I'm in the process of planning a small garden office build. I'll build the office but pay an electrician to install the electrics. However I just want to understand the potential extent of electrical works required. I currently have a BG dual rcd board (I know BG isn't great but it...
  18. SS-ProjectBuild

    Help with lintel size

    Hi Guys, going to be building up to DPC for my project this week. There will be 2 bridges for water and electric supplies to run under the blocks... what size/rating lintel will i need (assumng i need 4 lintels also)? Thanks
  19. SS-ProjectBuild

    2m deep foundations/concrete?

    Hi all, Im about to endevour on a new journey to project build my outbuilding at the bottom of the garden. I have been reading this forum for a few months now researching etc. The site is nearly cleared and i am ready to mark up for the digger. There are some Sycamore trees dotted around so i...
  20. M

    Plumber fraud - seeking help

    Dear All, I put ad on RatedPeople to renovate my old en-suite + new toilet/shower in Outbuilding. This tradesman came on 12th July and gave quotation + 5* ratings + reviews + previous work photos. I was impressed and he pushed that he can start now only because he is booked till October fully...