1. D

    Replaced an outside light, what is best to seal it with?

    Looking for a recommendation on a sealant please. I've just replaced an old outside light. The new one didn't come with any gasket! What's the best sealant for a metal outside light on brick. Can acetoxy cure be used or will it react with the brick or metal?
  2. R

    Renovating an external door

    Hello DIYNot members! I would like to give the external door I have a new coat of paint, but I am not sure of what material it is made of: it looks like painted metal to me: What type of door could it be, and what paiting options are available for it? Thank you in advance!
  3. A

    Cabling for outside lighting query

    I have a quick question, I am getting my rendering done on my extension and wanted to clarify I can do what I think I can do for the outside lighting. The fuse board location is on the first floor as shown on the drawn picture. I have four post lights that I want to position as shown by the...
  4. A

    Outside Electrics

    Hi all, Moved into a property in late 2020 and in the process of updating lots of things. There is a large shed at the bottom of the garden which has various lights and sockets inside, this was connected to the house by standard PVC cable which was in some cases just a few inches below the...
  5. eveares

    Flexible Galvanised Conduit Outside?

    I need to run some external grade Cat5e cable (that I already have) up my garden to my shed, however I need to protect it from being destroyed by Foxes and other wildlife. I am considering running it in 20mm flexible galvanised conduit, and am wondering if the galvanised conduit will stand up...
  6. AlphaRomeo85

    What's the best way of routing this new cable?

    Hi I want to put a external commando socket on an out side wall. Conveniently my consumer unit is located just at the other side of said wall. Please take a look at this picture of my downstairs toilet room, link here of it doesn't work for any reason What's would be considered the best route...
  7. B

    Typical Cost to Paint House

    I am looking to get my house exterior painted. Just looking for typical prices as I really have no idea. I live in a 3 bed end terrace.
  8. S

    is it possible to move a soil pipe to an outside wall

    I’m looking at the possibility of moving a internal soil pipe outside. The soil pipe services an en-suite upstairs wc, shower and basin. Downstairs it services a shower which I intend to remove. The existing pipe runs down the middle of the house and out to an inspection chamber which is...
  9. A

    Spur a outdoor heater from an outdoor light

    Hi, I want to attach a heater on the external wall to provide some warmth when sat on a bench we have. We current have two outdoor lights that run off mains and turn on when motion is detected, about a meter from where i would like the heater to go. My question is, can i take a spur off the...
  10. F

    Swinging shop sign

    Hello all, Im making a shop sign for the front of a small high street shop. Proposed design attached to this thread. What do you all think to the sign being hung from the black wall bracket and being able to actually swing? Is that safe? Will it break apart over time? The center panel is going...
  11. C

    Unlined vent and unsecured grille

    Hi, The annex toilet has a fan that vents outside, the grille was stuck on (not really secured anymore) with silicone.. the vent inside is unlined.. it's rough like the outside render. Obviously the grille should be screwed to the wall but should the vent be lined inside with a plastic pipe...
  12. A

    Cold Home - Thermal Camera/Flir One

    Hi everyone, Can someone please help me? I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out why our home is so cold. I managed to get a Flir One (Gen2) Thermal Camera pretty decent price. I'm not sure if I'm using it properly. I've taken some photos of the outside of the house and some of the...
  13. M

    Outside Gate - Locking from outside only, combination lock

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has a nifty solution for the above. It's the only entry point to the back garden. Two situations I want to cover: 1) convenience - it's the main exit route from house to car with armfuls of babies and supplies, a thumb turn would be fine but don't want to fart about...
  14. MarkButNoSpark

    Replacing plastic outside light with Metal type

    Hi I was looking to change a broken outside light which is of plastic construction with a new Stainless Steel one, my house is only 5 years old so all the wiring is new. But the instructions on the new light state, and I quote;- Do not wire this lantern into the lighting circuit - use a...
  15. B

    Outside Light and Camera Door Bell on Fused Spur

    Hi, I have a 60Watt light near my front door which is wired to a fused spur, I was wanting to put a camera door bell like Ring and wire it to a Byron 776 which has a built in transformer and then run some flex from the transformer to the existing fused spur and run it with the outside light...
  16. G

    Outside Light with PIR and manual switched override - new unit?

    Hi, New to the forums. Trying, and failing, to find a simple direct-equivalent replacement for an old outside light, with a PIR, that also has a manual switched override. So when switch is "off" then light is controlled by PIR, and when switch is "on" then light is permanently on. The PIR...
  17. Fitter Windows

    How to get my decking looking flawless again?

    Our decking is looking really tired. Half is under cover and doesn't look too bad, but the area that gets rain and leaves from the trees fall onto it looks really worn out and grubby. I was going to jet wash it, but this seemed to be damaging the wood. What is the best way to clean your decking...