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    Texacom veritas R8 panic button fault

    So an after-school 'incident' occurred and the upshot is the panic button was hanging of the wall.. No issue I think as the wires still in place so its obvious the location of each. Anyway I've remounted the button and re-seated each wire in their original terminals. The issue now being that...
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    Accenta G4 alarm - adding panic button

    We have an Accenta G4 alarm system fitted with an LED remote panel installed adjacent to the front door. I was wondering if it was possible to install a Panic Button by wiring directly into the remote keypad, and if so, which terminals would need to be shorted when the button was pressed. I...
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    Permitted Development: Side Dormer to a chalet style property

    Dear all, We were hoping to get some advice on the following. We are the owner of a 1930s chalet style property (see attached image), we are intending to build a dormer on the side (at the first floor) to create an additional bedroom and family bath. We have been advised by the builder and...
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    Texecom premie Elite 48 install

    Hi all, new to this forum, but thought I'd join up, hoping for some assistance. I've just installed a Texecom prem 48. All working ok i think. All with EOL wiring. One 8xp, 16 zones being used. 2 contacts share a zone on each garage door. Other than that everything has independent zones, 7...
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    Texecom PA - Panic button queries

    Hi all, ... First post, just want to start with some appreciation for all the information already on this forum. I have used it to setup my Premier Elite system from scratch with no alarm experience. just being a qualified electrician. I do however have 2 questions: - I have a Ricochet PA...