patio doors

  1. B

    Patio Door Aperture

    Appreciate any advice/pointers on this because my Structural Engineer has sent calculations for a door and aperture that don't add up I think (and hasn't responded for 2 days). We want to install sliding patio doors in the garden-facing back room which has an external width of 3430mm (location...
  2. DanRobertsB

    Windows and sliding doors: Velfac vs uPVC vs aluminium

    Hi, I'm after some replacement casement windows and sliding patio doors in a timber frame/wood clad house. White inside, rosewood (or similar RAL colour) outside. Any thoughts on what material is best, and why? Seems to be a fair it of conflicting advice (much of it from interested parties!)...
  3. DanRobertsB

    Sliding doors SE London - uPVC vs Composite/Velfac vs Aluminium (Rosewood/White)

    Hi, I need to replace a single glazed (security glass) 2 pane external sliding door, c. 2380 mm wide / 2082mm high. Near Crystal Palace. The current one is hardwood with two single panes of security glass, but is in a poor state and would need significant rebuilding (I'm open to that, but can't...
  4. J

    Patio doors replaced existing window

    Hello all, over the weekend I've had new patio doors installed, replacing an existing window. They're fitted on the external wall, but i now have a gap where the cavity is & also the dampproof course is approx 25mm higher than the rooms floor level (concrete base). Not really a concern, was just...
  5. J

    House to conservatory DPC with doors removed

    Hi, confident DIYer but never done something like this before... we've recently had our conservatory upgraded with a solid lightweight roof and new frame and glazing and built up the existing dwarf wall to full height (block and Brock with cavity) adjacent to the neighbours (previously just...
  6. H

    Will this need plastering?

    Apologies for the thickest question of the day ... but if we remove these patio doors what is likely to be left behind ... will it be bare brickwork? And what is the best way to smooth this gap. The wall is the same size on both sides of the door. Cheers!
  7. D

    PVCu patio sliding doors and DPC, how low can you go?

    Hi All, We have had someone round to check an opening for PVCu doors and he recommended we take the course of bricks down a level. The builder has responded that he can’t go down a course of bricks as this would mean he is below the damp course of the building. However, this means there is a...
  8. Vchristina1

    cracking screed at edges abutting patio doors

    Hi I apologise if this has been posted many times before but I did try and search for the original advice but couldn’t find it We bought a new build property and the screed is cracking - the builders came, dug it out and relayed it and it crumbled a matter of days later again even in dry...
  9. Bungled

    Buying a sliding patio door - what should I look for?

    Please could you share any tips about how to choose a new patio door? I'm after a new sliding patio door, probably in uPVC to match the windows. There are loads of door manufacturers and it's hard to know how they differ. On top of that, I've found a lot of different installers local to me -...
  10. T

    Solid wall lintel type

    Hi all, I'm currently removing some patio doors to shorten the opening height to allow for double doors and a wall plate for a flat roof which will run across the sagging soldiers. I'm going to add a lintel as there's no external one at present (1930's semi). I just wanted to know if it's OK to...
  11. H

    tilt and slide door seems to come off the hinge at the bottom... HELP

    I have a tilt/slide balcony door. The one in which you turn the handle 90 degrees, and the top of the door tilts inwards to give ventilation. Turn the handle 180 degreed and the door pulls out and slides. Earlier today the door was stiff sliding open so I pulled it a little too hard. When I...
  12. P

    Is half a Euro cylinder lock practical in a patio door?

    If you have a sliding patio door with a Euro cylinder lock in it, it probably opens from both sides. If you only wanted opening from the INSIDE, could you replace the cylinder with a half cylinder and blank off the outside hole? I'm thinking of this from a security perspective, so that there...
  13. K

    Help: Flooring for low hung bi-fold doors

    I have had a loft conversion with bi-fold doors put in. Between the builder and the door supplier, the gap between the bottom of the doors and chipboard floor is 10mm. There's finger pointing going on with both sides saying they did their bit right. So assuming it's not going to get sorted, I...
  14. Christine1850

    Fitting external aluminium patio doors

    Hi, We've bought some Schuco sliding patio doors. We would have had them fitted by a professional but couldn't find anyone (we are fairly rural). They come with some instructions but my husband needs some advice about drilling the frame that isn't covered in the instructions. Obviously he...