1. C

    Artex or textured paint?

    Our bathroom ceiling has been peeling for a few months maybe a year. I always thought it was textured paint but now I'm not sure after reading about artex. Is there anyway to tell if it's artex or textured paint? It's very thin? I'm absolutely scared now of the dangers of asbestos as we have...
  2. A

    Paint peeling on bathroom ceiling

    I have an artexed bathroom ceiling which was painted with some dulux bathroom paint about 9 years back. Its grown mould and has started peeling and cracking (aligatoring ) in areas. So far I've scraped what i can peel off but restricted due to it being artexed and then I've wiped it down with...
  3. finlamit

    Painting over peeling paint

    I am painting a bathroom a new colour. The paint in not in terrible condition apart from a few areas that have peeled. See image. Looking under the peeled paint it looks like a mist coat was never applied to the freshly plastered walls. Instead the top coat was added on-top of the plaster...
  4. M

    Peeling Farrow & Ball masonry paint over 2 part wood filler

    Hi, we’ve had the brick/masonry/sand and cement windowsill on a Victorian bay painted with Farrow & Ball masonry paint. The builder we use insisted on using a Ronseal two-part wood filler to fill in some of the cracks that were present in the sill. He had raked out the cracks and filled with...
  5. Macca Wacca

    Peeling Paint on Bathroom Ceiling - Is This The Correct Approach To Repaint?

    Hi there! I've recently managed to strip the majority of paint from a flaking and peeling bathroom ceiling that contained 2-3 paint layers in some areas. After stripping away the paint, I can see that the previous ‘painter’ painted over mould in some areas, however filler was added in areas to...
  6. X

    Ceiling paper peeling... Fix?

    Hi all Back once again! The property is an 1860's terrace with lovely high ceilings, cornicing and ceiling centres. As you can see in the pictures the wallpaper on the ceiling has lifted at the seams. It is nonetheless lovely paper and I am wondering if there is an effective fix for this...
  7. J

    Problems With 8 Month old Plaster Creating Wall Rash

    Hi Guys, I have a sort of wall rash breaking out - thats about the best way to describe it. I have linked pictures to my drive, link here; So, the area was re-plastered about 8 months ago and in the last 2 months all these patches have been appearing...
  8. R

    Painting bare Artex ceiling

    Last week I painted the artexed ceiling in our lounge with Dulux Brilliant White Mat. The paint is peeling in patches and flaking off. The ceiling hasn't been painted before. I've painted other artexed ceiling without bother. Is the paint the problem or is there likely to be another reason?
  9. D

    Peeling paint

    Hi. Ive recently moved into a house of my own, thought I'd decorate the main bedroom. Put up a curtain rail. Then a couple of months later noticed it coming off the wall. So prepared the wall and used polyfiller on the wall where the holes were and where the paint had peeled away. Now its...