plaaning permission

  1. M

    Front Elevation - Carport and Building Inside it

    Hi, I think I need planning permission for this: Carport built over driveway, which is in front of the front door but to the side. I am aware of the various height restrictions. Picture attached Plan is to built a shed and small work out room within the area of the car port (half of the port...
  2. G

    Convert Pub to Residential / Shop

    I am planning to buy a building which has got the ground floor pub (the pub is closed) and the first floor is a residential flat. My intention is to buy it and convert the ground floor as well to a Residential Flat. It has no planning permission yet. The seller wants to complete the sale as...
  3. T

    What would constitute 'implementing' planing permission for loft conversion

    Hello, We've planing permision for a loft conversion and extension. It's complicated by the fact we are not clear that we want the extension part (or at least all of ir) (lose to much outside space) and that we are not happy with the proposed floor plan. (the plans came with the house, we...
  4. C

    Planning thoughts

    Hello everyone I'm thinking about an extension to my semi detached house and wanted to gauge an idea of what's possible from the very helpful people on this forum :) before formally getting an architect. The house is a corner semi. It's a bit unique with the address on the main road to the...
  5. H

    Agriculture building planning permission

    Hello, We are looking to re-submit a previously rejected application to our local council to convert an agriculture building to a dwelling. The building in question is timber and metal barn that has been used for the storage of hay and horses. The building was built by my grandfather and is...
  6. H

    Securing planning permission

    Hello! I am looking to have a single storey rear extension built. When we moved into the house (late 2017), there was an existing permission granted for this work however this lapsed in Jan 2019. I’m tempted to resubmit the same plans back in a new application to seek a new permission...
  7. StephenStephen

    Does ownership effect planning permission

    It's just curiosity on my part - do you need to have the permission of the owner to successfully apply for planning permission? it came up in conversation with a friend - a developer was applying for planning permission to redevelop a building, and the permission he was seeking included...