plaster damp

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    Restoring old cellar

    Evening all, My house was built around 1870 and it has a vaulted cellar. The person I bought the property off lifted a few of the Yorkshire flagstones from the cellar floor to make a patio in the back garden, don’t worry I know what you’re all thinking. Frikken idiot! Anyway it’s been a year...
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    Is This Penetrating Damp? What Would You Do?

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced first time buyer. November moved in to the house to find damp plaster on 1st floor bedroom wall (external). Based on the description below and attached pics, what might be likely causes of the damp, and what repairs should I realistically expect? Are there any specific...
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    Yellow stain on re-skimmed ceiling

    Hi had my kitchen ceiling skimmed about 5 weeks ago, over the top of the old ceiling which was just in a bad state. It was boarded originally. Everything has been fine, until yesterday, I noticed a yellow stain in one of the corners. Ironically it’s the corner than dried out first after...
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    Hygroscopic Salts on Chimney

    Hello We have a 1930s house and blocked the chimney 2 years ago as below. This is an external wall. Before Image0 by Monty_Stranger posted 29 Mar 2020 at 10:53 AM After Image1 by Monty_Stranger posted 29 Mar 2020 at 10:53 AM Mistake no1 - we didnt add a vent to the bottom - this has now...
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    Plaster falling off corners from damp

    Hi, I have a house under offer which is probably pre-ww2. In 2 corners of the downstairs living room plaster is falling off presumably from damp in the past, although it doesnt feel damp now and there is no other evidence of damp either coming down the walls or from beneath (floor and carpet...