1. A

    Fixing a tv to the wall

    Hi everyone. I am trying to fit a tv to the wall and would very much appreciate some help. Upon getting a tv bracket and drilling into what i thought was a solid wall diving our living room and bedroom, the wall isnt a solid wall after all. I have 60mm of some material that is soft, plasteboard...
  2. N

    Screws and plugs: Heavy Mirror on Chimney breast

    Hi folks, Advice very welcome - I have a heavy mirror that I need to install on my living room chimney breast. 1950's/60's build so assuming plaster on brick? I think...? The mirror is round, 100cm in diameter, is about 20kg and has 2 x sawtooth bracket to hang on screws. See the pics...
  3. G

    Fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - let me know if I should post elsewhere! Currently fitting a new IKEA kitchen, they come with the metal rails, which you fix to the wall and "hang" the cabinets onto...
  4. C

    Kitchen sink 1.5 bowl no plugs left

    Hi, The previous occupant decided to take the kitchen sink plugs - not sure why. The inner hole is the same as a standard plug I reckon, but it is set into a larger hole presumably for some kind of basket. There is no hole in the very middle for an actual basket.. what are the correct plugs...
  5. C

    Fixing doorbell plinth securely

    Hi, I want to fit a new doorbell and plinth as the old one was shot/weathered to heck. Took the old bit of wood off, there are various screw holes filled with wood/plugs. The problem is only one matches up to the screw hole in the plinth - most of the diameter of the plinth where you could...
  6. J

    Dodgy or Fine - Spur

    Hi, I have just moved into an old flat. I will be getting a full re-wire soon enough but I have a question about the safety of a "spur" in the most out of the way room. There is a double socket in the room by the door and in one of the sockets is a plug. From this plug a fairly large...
  7. eveares

    My Mad Christmas Electrical Setup

    Just a few photos of the electrical setup for my interactive Christmas Grotto (aka GrottoTree) for this year. 251 Watts in total across 11 devices, so nothing to worry about really. All X10 Automation based. Photo 1 of 4: PC CM11 Interface And Two X10 Filters by eveares posted 27 Nov 2015 at...
  8. S

    Boiler Power

    Afternoon! I have a combi gas boiler. It has a Hive heating controller wired in on one side. The other side has a fused switch for isolating the power to the boiler. I assumed it was a spur as the supply cable to the switch disappeared behind a cabinet. A few days ago, I discovered that this...
  9. W

    What screws/plugs to use to attach skirting to a solid wall?

    Removed old skirting to decorate a number of rooms. The plaster got damaged quite badly, so no way I can glue the new skirting in place. Not to mention the fact that it is an old house and there doesn't seem to be a 90 degree corner or straight wall. I've been putting this job off for 5 months...