1. M

    Kitchen end panels and worktop replacement

    Hi I'm am looking to replace my kitchen doors, drawers, end panels and kickboards with 18mm birch plywood. What is the best way to remove the end panels particularly where they are situated either side of the oven. I believe they are secured with screws inside the cabinets but I can't imagine...
  2. M


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  3. V

    Plywood or MDF?

    Hi I need to replace the wood behind my bathroom sink and toilet that boxes in the pipework at floor level. The original was Plywood but I was thinking of using MDF instead since it has a smooth surface and will be easier to paint to a nice finish. I presume there are no advantages to using...
  4. W

    Plywood Overlay on Cement

    Hi I'm about to start laying 6mm ply over existing floorboards, fixing with 20mm screws. As its in 1 half ofa new extension there's smallish areas where cement or concrete has been used to level where the old external wall used to be. I dont think it's screed as the new built floor is still due...
  5. P

    Best way to protect plywood from water?

    Hi all, I’m a first-time DIY’er and have built this frame to raise the washing machine up to a more comfortable height. It’s been coated in Cuprinol, followed by some anti-damp/mould resistant paint around the base, along with the bottom 2-3 layers of brick have also been coated with the...
  6. J

    Mould appearing on garage ceiling

    Hello, We have mould appearing on the internal plywood of our garage roof in the past few weeks during the colder/wetter weather. I wondered if anyone could give an insight into why this might be happening? The mould appears between every joist front to back, mainly appearing from the edges but...
  7. marty3

    Sister joists with plywood instead of C16

    I am about to put a chipboard new floor down in a bathroom and want to level the existing joists as they slope towards the party wall. It is only a very small span (1m) that needs levelling as the floor that sits underneath the bath has not been removed. I have looked at sistering the joists...
  8. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  9. L

    Plywood or Floorboards and insulation

    Hello I was hoping if someone can help / advise? I have 1930's house and the floorboards are 5" T&G; I am struggling to find the same size. Someone suggested that I use structural Hardboard Plywood and it can be cut to make joints where I have electrics, gas water pipes running to make it...
  10. J

    How to rebuild a 1930 bay window box

    Hello! I'm currently removing a rotten bay from the exterior as the render has failed and the laths behind are totally rotted through. 1. Does anyone know what the black sheeting is called and what the modern version is called these day? That's failed and needs replacing too. 2. I'm planning...
  11. B

    Advice on new shed

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new shed 4.2mx4.2m. I'm not really interested in the visual appeal of the sides and the back, as it will be next to the fence and hence not visible. So, I was thinking of getting plywood boards...
  12. J

    Bath panel to be tiler. How do you make it?

    I'm tiling a bathroom and now got to make the bath panel to be tiled? I was thinking to to make a structure panel in stud work and plywood 12mm, then tiling on it straight away. Would this work? is the plywood good enough for wet area?
  13. D

    Best type of material for alcove shelf/desk

    I am looking to build a shelf/desk in an alcove. The alcove is 96cm wide and for argument sake the depth would be 100cm so looking at 1m sq sheet of material. The desk would support laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc and would be supported by a baton along the 2 sides of the alcove but not...
  14. Jordan Downie

    Suitable Subfloor for Underfloor Heating

    I am having a plated underfloor heating system installed between the joists of my suspended timber floor throughout the house, so, I was wondering what the best subfloor type is to lay over the joists when the UFH has been installed. So the floor joists are at roughly 450mm centres which is...
  15. janieJones123

    What size gap at bottom of stud for ply/PB

    Hi, I am building a half stud wall that I will be covering with 12mm ply and then plasterboard, then adding skirting once it’s had a skim. I was wondering if I need to leave a gap at the bottom of either covering like you would on a masonry wall? I would think not to leave a gap for the ply, but...
  16. M

    What material to use for sink surround (to be tiled.

    I’ve been renovating our guest room and have built a vanity unit for a small sink in the corner of the room. there is a small work surface which fits around the sink (100mm at its widest) which I plan to tile with small mosaic tiles. The sink will only get occasional use but the surface will...
  17. jfsoar

    kitchen carcass ply

    Hi, I'm planning to remake our kitchen. I think I've settled on 18mm ply for carcasses (perhaps with 12mm ply for backs). Shaker-style doors from 12mm ply framed with tulipwood. I plan to (spray) paint. I know MDF or MFC would be cheaper, but having looked at a few kitchens, I dislike the...
  18. S

    Replacing floorboards between bathroom and landing

    Hello! I am currently renovating my house and have hit a dilemma with some flooring between the bathroom and landing. Please see the image below Bathroom floor / Hallway edge (annotated) by Samkio posted 18 Jul 2019 at 7:33 PM The image above shows the entrance to the bathroom from the...
  19. K

    Hidden plywood shelves

    Hi I put some plywood shelves in a cupboard and want to protect them from scratches etc. Not fussed about the finish. Is sanding sealer enough to protect the surface? Thanks, Kristian
  20. W

    Plywood for bathroom subfloor

    I want to replace all the floorboards in my bathroom with 18mm plywood. My local merchants sells 2 types WBP and softwood structural ply. The WBP is described as not being for structural use but would seem to be the better option for the bathroom being WBP where as the structural plywood says...