1. S

    Plywood ontop of chipboard

    Got an old council house, under the carpet is a layer of thick chipboard. Looking to put lvt down but need to plywood over the chipboard first. What method would anyone use for fixing the plywood ontop of the chipboard?
  2. S

    Sub floor for vinyl in bathroom

    Hi all, Wonder if I might beg some advice. Going to be laying new vinyl sheet flooring in my bathroom. Currently it has floorboard-thin hardboard-stick on vinyl tiles. Naturally the thin hardboard (maybe 3mm) has suffered over the years and the floor is a bit up and down. Floorboards are as...
  3. Jag Mann

    Plywood Floor Finish

    Hi, I am debating to use the current newley laid plywood floor as the finished surface in a small ofifice. Idea is to sand and stain the ply using polyurethane varnish with 3-4 coats. It will be a medium to heavy use area so concerned about the viablity of this solution. Total area is 18sq...
  4. Thediygirl

    Plywood versus Tiles...

    Hi everyone, I've recently been tiling my kitchen and bathroom but have come across a problem...plywood! I made a great plywood box to cover my gas pipes in the kitchen and when I tiled it (you guessed it), they all fell off! I didn't realise that you couldn't tile directly onto plywood...