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    Karcher pressure washer k4 hardly works despite removing airlock

    Hello. I havw a karcher K4 eco model. I find it useless in the last year or so. I know about the airlock issue and the process of running water through the system for like 5 mins. I have done this several times, and what I find is that I need to take these steps for like 3/4 weeks and one day...
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    What is a good pressure washer to clean patio slabs

    Hi everyone does anybody know a good pressure washer to clean patio slabs, mines have dark black stains on to remove I was looking at the kaercher k4 which looks good and powerful but just wondering if anybody knows of better ones within a reasonable price thank you
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    Pressure washing wall at property

    Hi Folks, Wanting to know what I need in order to pressure wash this wall. We have a Karcher K4 pressure washer - when I was out doing the car one day I tested the pressure washer on a small section of this wall. It seems to remove a certain amount of dirt but doesn't remove the green and...
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    Advice and Recommendations for Cleaning Roughcast

    Hello My house has roughcast finished walls which are starting to get a stain which looks red/orange when rubbed with a damp cloth. I gather that this is algae. I understand that this type of finish should be soft washed rather than pressure washed and preferably not with a bleach based...
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    Neilsen ct1757 petrol pressure washer

    Hello everyone, I have a neilsen cp1757 petrol pressure washer and it just won't start, I've followed the check list on the washer prior to starting it and it's having none of it! I can't even find a manual online and I'm tearing my hair out!! I've uploaded a pic of the pressure washer itself...