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  1. S

    Pyronix Cloud / Home Control +

    Can anyone help me, I have installed my Euro46 v10 small hybrid setup myself, and also have Hikvision NVR CCTV at the same property which i installed myself 2 years ago. So now I am in the process of setting up the Euro46 v10 onto the HomeControl+ app on my android phone, but wanted to check...
  2. S

    Pyronix enforcer alarm issue with night setting

    I have installed the alarm. The alarm sets fine when I present the fob and leave via the final exit door. but when I present the fob and go upstairs to bed the alarm sounder goes off. I have no pir’s upstairs Front door set as type 7 Back doors set as type 8 Pir’s are set as type 9 I think...
  3. K

    Does Pyronix Panel 'Clean Start' De-register a panel from Cloud account?

    Hi folks, I have a friend with an Pyronix Euro 46 panel connected to Pyronix cloud through a small alarm company. He wants to take control of the panel himself but the company refuse to release the system from their cloud account as he is under contract. I have a fair amount of experience...
  4. W

    Pyronix Enforcer V10 / Kit 1 with Homecontrol+

    The Pyronix Enforcer Kit comes with the DIGI-WIFI communicator. I have connected the Enforcer to my WIFI and verified the signal (14) Manager menu does not have "Set Up App Data" option as per manual 14.8. The manual has a note that this option is only visible with a Homecontrol+ compatible...
  5. V

    Pyronix PCX 46L Control panel Configuration

    Hello everyone. . i have PCX 46L Control panel and accessories PCX-LCD keypad, KX15DD Wired detector And wireless devices PIR kx12dq & Delta bell but when I do learn devices I can't find wired devices (Detector ) any one can give idea how to fix this issues ? where to connect panic button on...
  6. eveares

    Pyronix Wireless Alarm questions:

    Just a few questions about the Pyronix Wireless Enforcer system, as I am installing one tomorrow at my grandparents. 1) What is it about a 4 digit code not being compliant with BS8243 for unsetting the system as stated on the panels flip down guide? I take it it has nothing to do with the...
  7. D

    Pryonix installation difficulty?

    Hi all, First post here, I'm new to alarms but I've been reading up on these forums for the past week or so and I'm wondering if someone could help me a little bit. I'm about to move into a new property and I would like to install an alarm, it has to be wireless as there is zero chance of a...
  8. eveares

    Pyronix HomeControl+ No GPRS network?

    Hi all, is anyone else having problems regarding the Pyronix Cloud capability of the HomeControl+ alarm panel from Pyronix? Everything was working fine up to about 5 or 6 weeks ago :); and now all the panel gets is the GSM network service (Basic Network - Sig stength 13-15 avrg ) and without...