Pyronix HomeControl+ No GPRS network?

28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all, is anyone else having problems regarding the Pyronix Cloud capability of the HomeControl+ alarm panel from Pyronix?

Everything was working fine up to about 5 or 6 weeks ago :); and now all the panel gets is the GSM network service (Basic Network - Sig stength 13-15 avrg ) and without the GPRS network service, the panel won't talk to Pyronix's Cloud servers. :cry:

The sim card is a GiffGaff one whats uses the O² network and I have it set up on a £5 goody bag. I have contacted GiffGaff on whether there has been any change to the network in my area and whether the GPRS service on the network is still available in my area.

I have tried so far:

1) Texting the System ID to the panel

2) clearing the APN details from the panel as well as at the same time disabling the App feature of the panel, exiting and re-entering engineers mode, followed by re adding the APN details and re enabling the App feature.

3) Changing the polling frequency in the Cloud control panel.

Anyone got any idea's what the issue may be? Next step I guess is to contact Pyronix.

Regards: Elliott
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goody bags are for 1 month?, sounds like credit expired?

giff gaff on pay as you go costs 20p a day for the gprs connection.

ypu should be able to check that on your giff gaff account?
well that being the casem I would suggest you do a service check on o2 for your location and if that shows up okay check with pyronix not done any home control stuff.

you could use your mobile sim and check out using there gprs settings.

I use gifgif for my demo/site survey Agility 3 unit
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GiffGaff came back to me and said there is no problem on their end and that their is full 2G (GPRS) service in my area, even though me and my mum often have trouble getting a cellular signal at all on our mobiles.

Is it worth powering the panel down and re-powering up? - as said before, I have already tried removing and re adding the APN details along with disabling and re-enabling the Cloud/App facility. I do get a GSM siginal, just not a GPRS one.

Have yet to contact Pyronix.

Reagrds: Elliott
Hi There
I have set up a Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm System - GSM-KIT-1 recently and it sends sms when alarm is activated as expected.
But remote control by sms (arm/disarm/check status) are not working. Pyronix support says UK panels don't support this feature but exported panels only :(. Are there any way to include this feature to my alarm? I preferred to have GSM for messaging as the burglar may break my virgin media telephone line easily.

I prefer remote monitoring as well. Are there any possibility to upgrade the enforcer panel to HOME CONTROL by any additional component.

If anyone can suggest any cheap option to upgrade my alarm with remote monitoring over GPRS, remote control by SMS(GSM)it will be great? I can add LAN module also.

I have set up a Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm System - GSM-KIT-1

My kit is the APP-KIT-1 + GPRS Module, and does support sms control as far as I am aware. You would have to replace your existing panel for the APP enabled one along with the optional GPRS module if you wanted sms control I believe.
as with eveares, you cant upgrade the panel its a swap for one with the functionality you need.
Hi Elliott,

Did you ever get this working again? I've had the same panel working fine for 15 months. Suddenly it's lost its GPRS connection, reporting only a 'Basic Network' with a signal strength of '23' (which I understand to be pretty good). My O2 SIM is in credit and the network operator reports that GPRS should be fully functional on that SIM.

I am considering powering down the modem (unplugging a single connector I believe), reinserting the SIM, and powering up again to see if that helps. Failing that I may try another SIM.

Would be great to hear if you managed to find a solution.

Thanks, Elliot.
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I opened the panel in engineer mode and disconnected the power to the digi-gprs. I then reinserted the SIM and plugged the board back in. The indicator lights were as they were before powering down (one orange flashing, one steady, and green flashing) so I was a little disheartened. However, on checking 'diagnostics/communications' I saw it was polling the cloud. I can now log in to the panel via the app. I haven't checked notifications yet.

Another case of 'switch it off and on again' :)


Hi Elliott,

Did you ever get this working again?

Yes, but it came good on it's own about 5-6 months ago. Possibly sorted it's self out due to a long power-cut back then causing the GPRS module to cut out OR maybe a upgrade to the cellular network. I live in a poor reception area.

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