1. eveares

    Can you group Hive TRV's together where there is more than one radiator in a room?

    Hi all, for a long time I have just had three Hive TRV's. One in my bedroom, one in my bathroom and one in the spare bedroom. I have just installed 6 more Hive TRV's for the remaining radiators in the house (except the main bathroom rad what intentionally does not have a TRV) and wanted to know...
  2. eveares Closed?

    I assume uk-automation has closed for business as it has had a "Down for Maintenance" message on the site for a while now. Just wondering if anyone on here knows anything more about what happed to the business? Regards: Elliott.
  3. eveares

    Issue with Hive TRV valve on the Hive website (Not mobile App)

    Just added some Hive TRV valves to my Hive system the other day, and noticed I could not control them from the Hive website at like I could with the mobile app. Below is what I get: Clicking on a TRV... Hive-TRV-Dashboard by eveares posted 18 Sep 2019 at 10:31 PM...
  4. H

    wiring wifi switch into HW on LP522

    Hi, I want to wire in a broadlink wifi/remote switch & timer, which will allow me to control my hot water remotely and setup timers. Current setup is using a Drayton LP522 programmer, I've got a Netatmo and have the LP522 is set to always ON on the CH side of the panel and the Netatmo takes...
  5. Sweetpayn

    Electric automatic blind rolls

    Hy guys, I’m looking for automatic blackout blinds for my bedroom operated from wall/app. 2 windows : 135W x 150Drop 1 window : 135W x 180Drop I’m living in North of London.. if you have any company in mind which is dealing with this kind of installation please advice. I’ve been quoted...
  6. eveares

    Stupid me has gone and blown a Fibaro FGS-223 Z-Wave double switch module!

    Long story short, the Fibaro FGS-223 module was inside a IP56 enclosure outdoors that controls the driveway lights, and I was having wireless rage issues between the module and my Z-Wave enabled Samsung SmartThings hub. After much trouble with the module only working when the SmartThings hub...
  7. eveares

    Oh Dear, Z-Wave fibaro module requires box depth not less than 60mm!

    Below is my latest edition to my Automated world, a Fibaro FGS-223 module what controls the upstairs hallway light and the light in the spare room next door to the switch. Cables are: feed in, light 1, light 2, 2-way switch downstairs, and switch in adjacent room. Bit tight in there... 2 by...
  8. eveares

    "Replacing Non-Dimmable LED's with Dimmable LED's due to No Earth" - Not my Words!

    Just a quick post that some on here may find amusing. The other day I replaced the non-dimmable LED light bulbs in the living room and downstairs hallway with dimmable counterparts as they can be used with automated Z-Wave switches what don't require a neutral connection. (Hallway and Living...
  9. eveares

    RGB Strip Light with Fibaro RGB Controller Project

    I Installed 1.4 Meters worth of RGB LED strip light at the back of my desk a couple of months ago as I had some spare from the main qtx RGB strip light in my kitchen that I installed a few years ago. With my recent move to sell my outdated X10 Automation and to slowly invest in the Z-Wave and...
  10. DibDibs

    Securely attaching servo to door without using bolts, screws etc.

    I am working on a bodge automated door. This is the equipment and tools I have... A Raspberry Pi (to control the servo, receive commands etc.) A 7V servo motor. A hot glue gun. Some velcro (hook & loop) tape (although it isn't the best). Some wire ties and some stationary string. Some wire and...
  11. eveares

    Z-Wave FGS-222 relay module - Popped and Tripped the MCB - Still works :/

    So replaced the two old ugly X10 appliance light switches in my bedroom and installed a new Fibaro FGS-222 Z-Wave enabled relay module inside a 47mm dry-line back box along with a standard double switch for local control. Pain in the *** to get it all in the back box and get the switch screwed...
  12. eveares

    Replacing Outdated X10 - Best Home Automation Hub? SmartThings?

    I have a lot of X10 gear laying around from over the years that I am going to try and sell as it is becoming to slow and unreliable for me. Simply put, a big-ish 4 bedroom house and lots of electronic noise on the power line from various devices including LED light bulbs means that X10 will not...
  13. eveares

    My Interactive Christmas Grotto - A rather niche and oddball project.

    Just thought I would share my rather niche and oddball project making use of a large area in my home coupled with my home automation components along with my knowledge of web development. What I effectively have done is allowed people all over the world to to control my very own Christmas...
  14. eveares

    Pyronix HomeControl+ No GPRS network?

    Hi all, is anyone else having problems regarding the Pyronix Cloud capability of the HomeControl+ alarm panel from Pyronix? Everything was working fine up to about 5 or 6 weeks ago :); and now all the panel gets is the GSM network service (Basic Network - Sig stength 13-15 avrg ) and without...