1. K

    Pyronix Enforcer V11 Upgrade Kit

    Hi everyone I am upgrading my Enforcer from V9.51 to V11 using the Pyronix Enforcer V11 upgrade kit, which comes with a new PCB and associated kit in the box. I notice that a new power cable that goes from the PSU to the front panel is included in the box, and this has an additional flylead on...
  2. DerekPCB

    Pyronix Wireless Deltabell Tamper

    After some advice gents. My alarm panel keeps triggering for tamper on the sounder. It's been fine for years. I went up recently and replaced the battery (as this also recently began to warn). Battery warn for sounder is gone but tamper remains. I tried checking the pcb and housing was...
  3. SomethingSomething

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 with Taxecomm Oddesey bellbox? Alarm systems

    Hi All, Thank you for your time. We're moving into a new home in 2-3 months time and wondering the best way to secure it as we are strangers to the area. We had a burglary at our current house but at the time, we had no alarm system or insurance. Can I ask if it is possible to wire a texecom...
  4. J

    Pyronix delta bell. Strobing but no sound?

    Hi all, Can someone help me. I have installed a new Pyronix enforcer 32 and a delta bell siren. The existing wiring was already in the walls. I’ve wired up as followed: Backlight Disable >>>> not used T >>>> Com on main panel T >>>> 0v on bell with 2k2 resistor Eng. Hold >>>> Not used Bell...
  5. R

    Pyronix Enforcer - Vodafone TAP SMS alternative

    Hi, Sorry if this has been discussed already. I have a 2015 enforcer running I think V9 with a hardwired cable to my landline. When triggered the alarm would dial up 07758 49993 and I would receive a text. This now says ARC Call Fail and I believe the service was recently switched off...
  6. J

    Pyronix Paragon Super - No Codes???

    Hello all, I am really hoping that you can help… I have recently bought a house that I am renovating to move into. There is a Pyronix Paragon Super alarm system installed. I do not have any codes, and cannot contact the seller for them. I have downloaded the annual and have tried using the...
  7. N

    Pyronix Enforcer Bell always low battery

    Hi all I have a strange issue, I changed the battery's (BATT-ES1) in my siren a couple months ago and after about a week, the alarm started to show the warning, Siren Wireles Low Batt. I asked the supplier to send me some new batteries, which they kindly did and I installed them and again the...
  8. M

    Pyronix Siren issue

    Hi folks The siren battery in my Pyronix enforcer needed changing so i bought two ES1 types form amazon and put them in following a youtube video. The siren then randomly went off intermittenly for 15 mins but then reset. This was on Sunday. Now i get a Siren1 Wirls Suprvn Fl error which i...
  9. S

    Internal Speaker: 16ohm 12v + Pyronix EUR-064 keypad - Pyronix Euro 46 V10

    I had an old internal speaker (16ohm 12v) from my previous wired alarm setup that I wanted to reuse / add in the porch so we can hear the confirmation beep when setting the alarm I wired the positive and negative terminals of the speaker to the EUR-064 keypad (+ and PGM1) terminals. Only...
  10. N

    Pyronix PCX256 battery fault

    My alarm was showing a Battery Fault 100 error, so I replaced the battery and all appeared to be well initially. However, after a few hours the Battery Fault returned, and shortly after that Low Volts. I'm wondering if there's a PCB fault that's discharging the battery? Any ideas please?
  11. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    With the Pyronix Enforcer WE v10 panel, I know it comes with Wi-Fi built in as standard, but if you get the GPRS SIM module, does it replace the "built in" Wi-Fi module or is it in addition to it? I.e. can you install the GPRS module in addition to what it comes with OR would you need the v11...
  12. S

    Pyronix Euro 46 V10 Hybrid Panel Small - KX10DP and DeltaBellX Help?

    I am in the process of replacing my old out of date wired alarm system with the Pyronix Hybrid Euro46 Small V10 (Grade2) Control Panel and Wired PIRs ( Pyronix KX10DP ) and Wired Pyronix DeltaBell X Module But on wiring up the PIRs I have come to a problem with the instructions that came in the...
  13. J

    Castle Euro Mini alarm problem. Please help.

    I moved into a house with a Euro mini alarm plus a pyronix v2 tel unit. Never had a problem with it, but we don’t actually use the alarm often. We came home to the internal speaker making a constant alarm and the main alarm panel showing error code 485 loss of Comms please wait. No buttons...
  14. F

    Pyronix Enforcer - disable specific motion detector?

    Hi all, I recently moved into a new rented property that has had an Enforcer alarm fitted by a previous tenant. We have keyfobs that seem to work to set and disable the alarm so that's good, what we don't have (and neither it seems does the property management agency) is any sort of PIN code in...
  15. C

    Pyronix Euro Mini Prox cannot be armed/set

    The system is installed in a 2017 new-build and comprises a Pyronix Euro Mini Prox, with Euro Mini control panel and MEQ Blue PIRs. The PIR/Detectors are connected as per DEoL configuration, with the zone wiring entering via the N/C terminal, passing through two resistors in serial (4k7, 2k2)...
  16. C

    Can anyone tell me how I know what Pyronix Key Forb I have pls

    Hi, I keep buying batteries for me forb but none of them fit. I am starting to think there must be many different versions. However my forb doesn't have any distinguishing marks, even when I open the flap at the back to replace the battery. Are there different version? If so how do you...
  17. C

    Brand new - Can anyone please help me. Pyroix enforcer

    Hi all, I had an alarm professionally installed. However the company has gone bust. Things have worked fine for 6 months however today, (you know how computers are, work fine, change nowt, then next day doest work :-/ ) I cannot log in through the app on my iphone. My usuaal way of...
  18. T

    Pyronix upgrade from Home Control + to Home Control 2.0

    Hi I received an email stating I will need to upgrade to Home Control 2.0. After installing the new app on my phone, I entered my home alarm credentials but at the login screen it states... Access denied. Before you can access this app, it needs to be authorised on the pyronixcloud. Please...
  19. M

    Pyronix keyfob we problem

    Customer had alarm installed a few years ago. Never any problems with the keyfobs or alarm. Last service was about 6 months ago. Customer calls today to say that all his keyfobs (i think he has 3) now wont set the alarm but they can unset the alarm... Any ideas?
  20. M

    Alarm Panel Location?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on location for a pyronix enforcer alarm panel. I want to be able to wire it to a deltabell lightbox. Is it simply have it installed in the attic as I can’t see me being able to wire it down to the hallway area? thank you in advance!