1. G

    Pyronix Enforcer questions

    Hi All Just fitted my Pyronix Enforcer and all went well (well except a shock when i pulled the tamper wire out of the bell box whilst standing on my roof! anyway...) I have a few questions 1. The Pet friendly PIR's seem to not flash very often at all, in fact I can walk from the front to the...
  2. V

    Pyronix Enforcer withGSM Module

    Hi, hoping someone will be able to give me some advice. I have just installed a Pyronix Enforcer with a GSM Module, all working well with no problems but I have yet to install a SIM card. I intend to fit a pay as you go sim card. Is there any benefit fitting a particular card or will any network...
  3. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer - When to change sensor/PIR batterys?

    I have had my Pyronix enforcer HomeControl+ system for about 14 months now and am just wondering how often do you professional people change the battery's in the PIR's/Door sensors? I have the PIR's LED's disabled, although would not expect that to make any significant difference to the battery...
  4. B

    Pyronix Homecontrol+ questions, self install

    hi looking for some advice with a few queries I have. I am self installing a pyronix homecontrol+ panel, 3 PIRs, 2 Door contacts, wireless Keypad, delta bell. I have installed a few wired system in the past so have a basic understanding of what I need. I have the system setup on a bench to...
  5. M

    CHC SMS Gateway call, Pyronix Enforcer quesition

    I have it all working. setting 6, gives me the notification sms message alarm has "gone off" my question is the panel calls a number to check the CHC / sms gateway number once a month. i read somewhere you can deactivate /disable this, dont wanna be paying premuim rate numbers as often. I...
  6. swishy6

    Pyronix Enforcer, advice on setting up the system

    Hi, I've very basically installed this system but still need to set it up properly. The booklets I find confusing. It seems to have areas ABCD rather than zones and areas don't apear to be the same thing as zones. In this case I have four PIRs and one magnetic contact. Because of the house...
  7. M

    Enforcer Zones and Input Types

    SO i have installed my alarm, and wireless PIRs and Door contact. with the exception of a faulty delta bell. My setup I have :- 3 PIRs 1 DOOR Contact 1 Wireless Keypad (Arming Station) - in the entrance hall 2 Wireless Key-fobs MY main unit is in the utility room. my issue is "I want...
  8. D

    Pyronix Euro 46 APP vs Enforcer 32-WE

    Been looking to get a security system fitted. Found a reputable installer who seems fairly priced and happy to provide a complete 'no monthly costs' system. He's suggesting a complete wireless setup with the Pyronix Enforcer (no HomeControl+). We already have a wired sensor in the front door...
  9. H

    Pyronix Enforcer - issues

    Hi, Sorry if this in the wrong place. I have an issue with my Alarm system that I am in the process of setting up. I have set up my older veritas a few years back. but these newer ones im not a fan of. It is a Pyronix Enforcer Homecontrol+, with all the wireless sensors etc. On 2 of the...
  10. B

    DIY Install: Wireless & Wired Alarm Questions

    Hello, I'm wanting to purchase a wireless kit, but also has wired capabilities. I rang one of your highly recommended companies, Pyronix today, but unfortunately they are closed over the weekend, so I decided to post on here. I want a wireless alarm system for ease of install, but I was...
  11. P

    how to reprogram a Pyronix keyfob?

    Hi can anyone advise how to reprogram an existing Pyronix keyfob to a new Enforcer panel? The keyfob is one of the new type, rectangular (not square) with the four buttones one above the other. I've tried removing the battery to no avail. many thanks TT
  12. S

    Castle Euro Mini;Problems adding an additional RKP

    I'm having problems adding a second keypad to a castle euro mini. I've never done it before though I've installed several euros and the similar pyronix PCX systems without trouble. I installed the original system a few years ago without a problem using one RKP. Now I need to add another. I...
  13. S

    Pyronix enforcer - user code won't unset alarm

    Hi, I recently self installed the above alarm. All seems to be working fine, however the user code doesn't seem to cancel the countdown trigger after a B area nighttime set. I thought it was perhaps a problem with the default user code, so I deleted it and created another but the same thing...
  14. eveares

    Pyronix HomeControl+ No GPRS network?

    Hi all, is anyone else having problems regarding the Pyronix Cloud capability of the HomeControl+ alarm panel from Pyronix? Everything was working fine up to about 5 or 6 weeks ago :); and now all the panel gets is the GSM network service (Basic Network - Sig stength 13-15 avrg ) and without...