1. C

    Pyronixs enforcer - Siren wireless poll fail on a regular basis.

    Hi, Less than a year ago I installed a pyronix enforcer into my house, with a few sensors and a wireless siren externally. Recently, the alarm has been randomly sounding internally with an alert to say that "Wrls Poll Fail - Siren 1". The siren hasn't sounded for any long periods of time...
  2. Daniel89

    Pyronix Enforcer

    Hi team, I’m a fire alarm engineer and have tried to branch into a bit of security stuff in my own house. So far it’s not going brilliantly. I’ve installed a wireless pyronix enforcer kit. Delta bell/4 pirs/1 door contact/1 wireless keypad and a couple of remote fobs. Install went well. But...
  3. T

    Pyronix Insite UDL [Actual Panel type not in database - 851]

    I'm having the same troubles that @ramb02k listed in this thread. I have Insite UDL 10.31a & a Euro46 (rev v10.01h) with DIGI-LAN. When I connect in Insite, I get an error: Cloud: Actual Panel type not in database - 851
  4. W

    How to display armed status on Pyronix Enforcer panel

    I have my Pyronix Enforcer set up with A (away / all sensors enabled) and B ( home / door & window contacts only) zones. Is it possible to display the armed status of the panel, either on the LCD display or by illuminating the A or B buttons depending on which zone is set. We set zone B...
  5. W

    Pyronix MC1/Shock-WE jumper location

    The manual for the MC1/Shock/WE shows the shock calibration jumper in the middle of the sensor but the physical sensor has not jumpers at this location. The physical sensor has 3 pairs of jumpers in total but none in the middle of the sensor as per the manual. Two pairs of jumpers are at no.1 in...
  6. W

    Pyronix Enforcer V10 / Kit 1 with Homecontrol+

    The Pyronix Enforcer Kit comes with the DIGI-WIFI communicator. I have connected the Enforcer to my WIFI and verified the signal (14) Manager menu does not have "Set Up App Data" option as per manual 14.8. The manual has a note that this option is only visible with a Homecontrol+ compatible...
  7. W

    Pyronix Enforcer (v10) - Issue with exit door and zones (away/night)

    I have just completed programming my Pyronix Enforcer v10 5 x magnet contact/shock sensors set on downstairs windows & patio doors - A & B 2 x PIR's - upstairs and downstairs hall A only 1 x door contact on front door A & B All programmed and working except for exit. If...
  8. K

    Texecom 64W & Pyronix Deltabell X

    Hi there wonder if anyone can help. Recently had installed a Pyronix Enforcer kit with a Deltabell X Grade 3 which was working fine. The enforcer became faulty after 9 months so I replaced it with a Texecom 64W being the hard wired keypad still keeping the Deltabell X. The alarm was fitted by a...
  9. V

    Pyronix PCX 46L Control panel Configuration

    Hello everyone. . i have PCX 46L Control panel and accessories PCX-LCD keypad, KX15DD Wired detector And wireless devices PIR kx12dq & Delta bell but when I do learn devices I can't find wired devices (Detector ) any one can give idea how to fix this issues ? where to connect panic button on...
  10. W

    Pyronix Delta X Elumination

    Hi all. I need some assistance. First, I'm a newbie, so I hope I have started this thread correctly. And, secondly, good day! ... I have purchased a Pyronix Delta X bell box with the additional Light Box to fit to my present system. I completed the installation all on my lonesome (proud to...
  11. P

    New Pyronix Wifi Camera's

    Hi, I have an Enforcer V10 system and have been looking at adding the new Pyronix Wifi Cameras (specifically the outdoor mini-domes). I was wondering if anybody has any experience with them (as they are so new). I know they have a sd card and you can access the video via the new app just...
  12. R

    pyronix - wireless bell (strobe but no sound)

    Hi, i have installed the pyronix system, all works well, but the issue is with the wireless bell, during the walk test and when the alarm goes off, only the strobe light flashes but there is no siren sound? does any body have any ideas why this might be? i have looked through settings and...
  13. R

    Pyronix Enforce help

    Hi guys, was wandering, need some help please.. have this setup. A = Full Set, B = Night Set, C = House Parameter Input 1 / Front Door Mag / A, B, C / 07 Final Exit Input 2 / Kitchen Window Mag / A, B, C / 06 Intruder Input 3 / Kitchen PIR / A, B / 06 Intruder Input 4 / Utility Door Mag 1 /...
  14. T

    Pyronix Enforcer not showing WiFi

    Hi all First time poster here. I recently bought a Pyronix Enforcer kit for a DIY install. I've wired the Enforcer V10 to the mains and connected the battery and every other connection. All seems to working fine but the Digi-WiFi doesn't seem to be registering. There are no options in the...
  15. James B

    Pyronix Deltabell Plus to Accenta G4.

    Hi all. I picked up a deltabell plus bell box and a accenta g4 LCD to replace my old elmende prima and optima concept. I am confident with most elements of intruder alarms, although I am unsure of how to connect the two together. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks. :)
  16. D

    Pyronix Enforcer internal sounder

    Hi, I am looking for some guidance on how to wire an internal sounder (twin/quad piezo) to a Pyronix Enforcer panel. I believe the programmable outputs are rated at 70mA which will be insufficient for the sounder requiring 100-200mA. The installation manual states under 2.1 technical...
  17. D

    Pyronix Enforcer internal sounder

    Hi, I am looking for some guidance on how to wire an internal sounder (twin/quad piezo) to a Pyronix Enforcer panel. I believe the programmable outputs are rated at 70mA which will be insufficient for the sounder requiring 100-200mA. The installation manual states under 2.1 technical...
  18. J

    Pyronix Enforcer V10 - parts and design questions

    I will be replacing an old grade1 DIY wireless system in my 3bed semi with something more reliable, and importantly, something I can control with my phone remotely. After much research, I think Pyronix Enforcer V10 with HomeControl+ seems to be the best grade2 wireless system for remote control...
  19. eveares

    Silly Electrical Mishap!

    So I am at my grandparents in Maidstone installing a Wireless Pyronix alarm in their bungalow. To run power to the panel, I take a 1mm² T&E from a junction box in the loft (what is on one of the lighting circuits) to the FCU and then to the Pyronix panel. First check for power at the panel and...
  20. eveares

    Pyronix Wireless Alarm questions:

    Just a few questions about the Pyronix Wireless Enforcer system, as I am installing one tomorrow at my grandparents. 1) What is it about a 4 digit code not being compliant with BS8243 for unsetting the system as stated on the panels flip down guide? I take it it has nothing to do with the...